Another Leap Forward With New DigiTrak F5

Digital Control Incorporated (DCI) has introduced the DigiTrak F5 locating system, the top-of-the-line model of the company’s new F Series horizontal directional drilling locating and tracking equipment.

Each F Series model incorporates DCI’s successful Eclipse tracking technologies, including DCI’s patented 3D antenna technology, target-in-the-box locating and intuitive picture-driven menus.

“One distinguishing feature of the new F5 is a five-frequency capability for working through passive and active interference found on job sites,” said Michael Young, DCI global sales and marketing director. “In addition, two of the F5 transmitters, the 12/1.3 KHz and 12/19 KHz, are dual frequency allowing the drill operator to switch frequencies while in the ground. Without having to pull back and change transmitters, this quickly becomes a valuable time saver in the field when combating interference.”

Another new advanced feature of the F5 is its full-color graphic display, along with a toggle switch feature which provides greater ease of use and simplified training.

The F5 can operate at depths to 85 feet with 0.1 percent sensitive pitch without a wire. Other key features include:

• Real-time viewable on-screen data;
• Full-color graphic interface;
• 24 clock positions;
• Bluetooth data log and ability to view bore path on the fly;
• SST steering tool capability;
• Fluid pressure monitoring capabilities for pilot bores and pull back;
• TensiTrak pull-back monitoring system capability; and
• Four-way toggle switch for easy operation.

Young said following completion of testing in early fall, the F5 went into production and is now available.

Other models
Other models in the DigiTrak F Series are the F2 and SE models.

The F2 has dual frequency capability, and its 4-channel radio enables multiple F2 locators to be in the same vicinity up to 2,000 feet from a drill rig. The F2 remote display will work with any compatible DigiTrak receiver.

The SE is the most affordable locator in the F series line. It shares the same advanced locating technology with other F series models and is compatible with existing DigiTrak Mark Series remotes and multi-function displays. The SE has a depth range of 50 feet, features left/right remote steering, and off-track locating for situations when walkover tracking is not possible.

DigiTrak multi-function remote displays can be upgraded to receive signals from a compatible SE, F2 and F5 receiver.

“With more than 20 years of drilling experience and the ongoing evolution of HDD requirements, our customers have helped DCI define the features, capabilities and even price points that will best satisfy their needs,” said Young. “Now, every locator available from Digital Control shares the basic technology of the world’s most advanced locating system, one that has set the industry standard.”

DCI was founded in 1990 to create the most advanced HDD locating and tracking system in the market and in 1991 introduced the first DigiTrak Locating system.

Young said during those early years, the new DCI technology provided greater accuracy for measuring the depth and location of the drill head than that of prior systems providing two additional vital orientation parameters, pitch and roll.

“By knowing the pitch and roll of the drill head,” said Young, “drill operators could advance the drill much faster and pull back the product easier so the drilling operation became more accurate, productive and profitable. Almost overnight, other locating systems available at that time became obsolete.”

DCI products are designed and built at DCI headquarters in Kent, WA. DCI supports U.S. sales and customer service through full-time field managers. Overseas sales and customer service are provided through dedicated offices in Germany, China, India, Australia and Russia.

Digital Control Inc., (800) 288-3610,

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