Equipment Spotlight: Medium And Large Excavators

Large and medium excavators from John Deere, Case, Kobelco, New Holland, Hitachi, Volvo CE, Caterpillar, Komatsu America and Doosan.

John Deere
The 220D W wheeled excavator features a Tier 3-certified engine with fuel-efficient 5.2-L diesel engines rated at 159 hp and weighing in at 51,368 pounds. The 220D W has a dig depth at 20 feet, 8 inches, and more digging forces. This model is also available with a mono boom for long-distance work and blades for backfilling. The Powerwise III engine/hydraulic management system maximizes engine output and delivers smooth, predictable multi-function operation while saving fuel. One work mode makes it easy to be productive in any application. The two-speed Powershift transmission shifts smoothly on the go from low to high. 800.503.3373,

The CX800B excavator features an electronically controlled, common rail Tier 3-certified 15.7L Isuzu engine which delivers 532 net hp. The common rail fuel injection system, combined with the redesigned hydraulic system, delivers increased fuel efficiency over the previous model. The CX800B features regenerative hydraulics on the boom and arm, as well as the bucket curl, which speeds the cycle time required to get a bucket of dirt. Larger-diameter hydraulic cylinders deliver a breakout force of 74,187 pounds. The excavator cab features a seat that adjusts independently of the joystick controls for improved operator comfort and ergonomics. The CX800B excavator also features memorized operator adjustment, which automatically adjusts to the last settings selected by the operator. An optional air seat makes the operator even more comfortable. The CX800B features a “green plug” that provides an easier, cleaner and greener engine oil change. The engine oil filter, remotely located in the pump house, is easy to change without the need to go underneath the machine. The hydraulic oil filter provides 100-percent continuous flow filtration of all hydraulic oil on the return line. Flip-open service panels provide easy access to virtually all key components.


The Kobelco SK850LC Super ACERA full-size excavator has four standard working modes for enhanced performance. The H Mode allows heavy digging and high productivity while the S Mode delivers standard digging and increased fuel savings. The B Mode powers one-way flow attachments, and the A Mode powers attachments that require two-way flow. The excavator can easily be configured four different ways for shipping and transport to meet varying local requirements – reducing the time, cost and number of trucks needed to move to a job site. The SK850LC is designed to simplify routine maintenance checks, thus increasing productivity and decreasing downtime. 630.260.4000,

New Holland

The New Holland E175B Tier 3 excavator raises the bar on productivity and operator comfort, delivering more horsepower and unsurpassed grading and finishing capabilities with Intelligent Total Control System (ITCS) technology. The E175B excavator features an operating weight of 37,800 pounds, a maximum dig depth of 21 feet, 5 inches and a bucket breakout force of 24,900 foot/pounds. Powered by a quiet, fuel-efficient 121-hp engine, this excavator uses proven FPT diesel engine technology that includes direct injection with an intercooler turbo charger. The result is high horsepower and high torque levels at surprisingly low rpms. The E175B provides four work modes: H Mode for heavy-duty excavation work, S Mode for standard digging and loading work, B Mode for breaker work, and A Mode for demolition work with crusher/nibbler-breaker. The E175B delivers complete operational control, maximum comfort, progressive hydraulic acceleration and a clear view of the job site. Superior cab refinements reposition controls for easier accessibility and include a backlit monitor for improved daytime visibility, along with quick access to operator controlled settings and diagnostics.


The Zaxis 450LC-3 boasts a Tier-3-certified, six-cylinder Isuzu engine for greater output — 348 net peak hp at 1,800 rpm — and considerable reduction in fuel consumption through a cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and a common-rail fuel-injection system. The Zaxis 450LC-3 comes standard with the ZXLink Ultimate wireless communication system and three years of service. ZXLink Ultimate delivers machine hours, location, and geofencing capabilities, plus dashboard alerts, equipment utilization and fuel consumption data, diagnostic trouble codes, and more. 866.973.0394,

Volvo CE

The C-Series excavator line has the more powerful Tier 3-certified Volvo engines, delivering exemplary fuel efficiency. The operator’s environment has been substantially upgraded, giving operators more comfort, more space, a better climate, better visibility and improved controls that are easier to use. These Tier 3 engines have Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology, which provides high torque at low revs, leading to ultra-efficient fuel consumption. Impossible to stall, the onboard computer balances maximum available power to hydraulic output, preventing the engine from becoming overloaded (regardless of engine speed or pump demand). Improvements include: standard CareTrack; advanced hydraulic flow; better controls, more space, more glass, less noise and vibration. 828.650.2000,

The Cat 336D L Hydraulic Excavator features a standard heavy lift circuit — at the touch of a switch, heavy lift will boost hydraulic pressure for increased lift performance. The 336D L has a maximum operating weight of 82,962 pounds and net power of 268 hp. The Cat C9 engine powers the 336D L and meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations. To enhance durability in demolition applications, the 336D L can be equipped with heavy-duty triple grouser tack shoes for long wear and solid traction.Track guards for the sprocket end and idler end are fitted to protect the full length of the track. Rubber bumpers attached to the sides of the excavator reduce inadvertent damage when swinging, and bottom and bearing guards protect those areas from damaging debris. Additional cab guarding includes a full-length wire mesh window cover and a falling object guarding system. The spacious cab features glass affixed directly to the pillars to eliminate window frames and enhance visibility. A large skylight provides a view upward. Joystick controls have low lever effort and are designed to match the operator’s natural wrist and arm position.

Komatsu America

The PC350LC-8 hydraulic excavator, with a flywheel horsepower of 246, has an operating weight of 77,093 to 79,152 pounds, and is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D114E-5 engine. The electronically controlled High Pressure Common Rail fuel injection system is EPA Tier 3 emissions certified, provides low noise operation, and remains extremely fuel efficient while delivering superior power and productivity. The excavator is equipped with the latest KOMTRAX technology (Level 3) which sends machine operating information to a secure website utilizing wireless technology. Data such as operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts are relayed to the web application for analysis. The KOMTRAX fleet monitoring system increases machine availability, reduces the risk of machine theft, allows for remote diagnosis by the distributor, and provides a wealth of other information to drive business efficiency and productivity. The PC350LC-8 comes equipped with two boom mode settings, five working modes and Power Max control. The PC350LC-8 is equipped with Breaker Mode (single action circuit) and Attachment Mode (double action circuit) that allow the operator to adjust hydraulic flow directly from the cab through the large monitor panel. The attachment flow control has been improved and is more flexible for effortless attachment adjustments. 866.513.5778,


Near-zero tail swing on the new Doosan DX235LCR crawler excavator allows it to work close to buildings and in confined areas without sacrificing performance and stability. With a tail swing radius of 5-feet-6-inches and a tail swing of just 3.75 inches over standard 31.5-inch shoes, the DX235LCR is designed to work on congested jobsites such as roadways and rail lines without blocking traffic in the adjacent lane or track. Powered by a 166 hp 6-cylinder Doosan turbocharged diesel engine, the DX235LCR has an operating weight of 53,572 pounds with standard boom, arm and 1.2 cubic yard bucket. Bucket breakout force is 33,510 pounds while arm breakout force is 23,810 pounds. Use of power boost increases both forces by about 5 percent, the highest of any excavator in this class. Maximum digging reach is 32 feet 3 inches and maximum digging depth is 21 feet 11 inches. Dump height is 26 feet 1 inch. Depending on the application, the operator can choose between three working modes — power, standard or economy.

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