Envirosight QuickView

Designed to inspect sewer and stormwater infrastructure at a fraction the cost and time of traditional methods, the QuickView zoom survey camera incorporates new patent-pending Haloptic technology to boost the range, alignment and precision of its illumination.

The new QuickView is also equipped with a 16 GB wireless video viewer/recorder; an auxiliary wide-angle manhole camera; and a rugged transport case that organizes all system components into one convenient kit. Other key features include a pole-mounted viewer/recorder with wireless roaming; an optional auxiliary camera for manhole viewing; and a rugged travel case to organize system components in one convenient kit. Haloptic technology is an engineered arrangement of lamp, reflector and camera whereby a perfectly aligned halo of illumination surrounds the camera view. This concentrated beam floods pipe walls with up to 20 times more light than conventional technology; illuminates distant targets for maximum clarity and detail; and eliminates the need for any realignment during inspection. To maximize portability and speed setup, the entire QuickView system travels in a rugged, waterproof roller case with telescoping tow handle. Camera, viewer/recorder, vest, controls, battery and charger fit snugly inside, while the pole clips into brackets on the exterior. 866.936.8476, www.envirosight.com

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