Innovative Products From Midwest Plastics Fabricators

The AMRAK Adjustable Meter Riser Assembly Kit
The three-piece PVC adjustable meter riser assembly kit (AMRAK) includes a double kick 24-inch radius bend, riser and expansion cylinder with adapter, clamp and screws.

Each feature is designed for the electrician to easily install the service entrance system without jobsite cutting, bending or foundation trim/shovel work. The riser bend has a formed Sch 80 sleeve overlay at ground level for mechanical protection. The bend has a unique combination flare/coupling underground to accommodate direct burial cable or solvent weld conduit joint. The adapter connecting the expansion joint to the meter socket includes a smooth inside radius to prevent chafing the cable when pulling. Markings for burial depth at 24 inches assist inspection. The patented system conforms to NEC and utility standards, is ETL listed.

Vented PVC Cabinets

These new all non-metallic cabinets support the unrestricted use of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technologies, providing protection for the metering and components while allowing their signals pass through the enclosure with no interference. Manufactured from UV-resistant, high impact PVC, the cabinets are available in numerous sizes for hanger mount or wall mount. Lift-off doors are equipped with tamper resistant stainless steel hardware, and are padlock able. The use of these cabinets eliminates the need for external AMR meter antennae, maintaining the ability of the utility to choose their meter supplier. Sub panel mounts are configured for existing panel choice, or the cabinets are equipped with panels to customer specification.

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