Roger Kirwan Retires From Vacmasters

Roger Kirwan, vice president of marketing for Vacmasters, Denver, CO, has retired after working 17 years with the company. Considered by many to be an expert in air-vacuum excavation, Kirwan spent his career at Vacmasters advising the community in the best practices when considering excavation work where underground utilities are present.

Besides making himself available to customers, Kirwan provided insight into the most efficient and feasible ways to meet their needs.

Trevor Connolly has assumed the position of vice president of marketing. The transition was seamless as Connolly worked with Roger prior to his retirement to familiarize himself with the existing and future market potential of air-vacuum excavation systems in the underground construction industry. As the new spokesperson for Vacmasters, and for the use of air-vacuum excavation techniques as whole, Connolly brings with him expertise in marketing and sales. It is his goal to further the technology and the knowledge of using high-pressure air to dig quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely around the world’s virtual maze of buried water, gas and electrical utilities.

As an industry leader, Vacmasters prides itself with the design, engineering and manufacturing of the world’s most powerful air-vacuum excavation systems. 303.467.3801,

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