Vac-Con celebrates 25 years in business

It takes a lot to survive a year in the business world, much less 25 years. It’s apparent that Vac-Con, Green Cove Springs, FL, an industry leader in the building of combination sewer cleaning vacuum trucks has found the right combination to make it work. Founded in 1986 when the company employed five people to its expansion in 2011, employing hundreds of people, having a worldwide network of dealers and nearly 6000 machines in service, Vac-Con is a true American success story.

The first sales person and, coincidently then and now, the president of Vac-Con, Darrell LeSage, drove the first truck and showed the country what Vac-Con had to offer. Twenty-five years later, Vac-Con is a multi-million dollar, employee owned, multinational company. What has made the team at Vac-Con so successful is its dedication to keeping customers happy, giving them what they need and doing whatever it takes to ensure that customers have what they want.

LeSage said, “In the beginning, there was no thought of 25 years. We thought if we could design a truck and build one or two by the end of 1986 we might survive a year. We have grown as a company 23 out of 25 years and have become a solid company with a solid future for all of our employees and their families. I am proud of all the employees over the years that contributed to that success.”

Vac-Con is planning several events throughout the year to mark this momentous occasion to be shared with its stockholders (employees) and the community. The main celebrations will be held in April and October of this year.

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