Equipment Spotlight: Pipe & Joint Fusion Equipment

Pipe and joint fusion equipment from McElroy Manufacturing, IPEX, Georg Fischer Connectra, Ritmo America and Footage Tools.

McElroy Mfg.
McElroy’s new PitBull 26 fusion machine is compact, lightweight and rugged with the ability to butt fuse pipe sizes from 2-inch IPS through 6-inch DIPS and all models come standard with a 6-inch IPS insert set. With a design similar to the McElroy’s popular PitBull 14, the PitBull 26 features McElroy’s patented Centerline Guidance System and a semi-automatic locking cam system that maintains force during the cooling cycle. Contractors and pipeliners that already own McElroy’s PolyPorter and PolyHorse can continue to use those tools with the new PitBull 26 for enhanced productivity. 918.831.9352,


Manufactured in the United States, Friatec couplings feature a unique, exposed coil design that provides a strong seal. This is achieved in two ways: the heat, created by the electrical current passing through the exposed coil of the Friatec coupling, is transferred directly to the PE pipe; and the coil protrudes from the interior surface of the coupling. When the pipe is heated, the coil sinks into it creating a much stronger bond. As a result of this process, every joint will be sealed precisely to specification, automatically, every time, minimizing the risk of human error. Because every joint is as strong as the pipe itself, the Friatec Electrofusion system is ideal for horizontal direct drilling and other trenchless applications. 416. 445.3400,

Georg Fischer Connectra
Connectra’s 28 line of butt fusion equipment allows operators to make high-quality specification joints on 2- to 8-inch HDPE pipe. The hand-powered machine and the sturdy rectangular frame design provides operators with a rigid and safe fusion platform. The machine’s hydraulic system is powered by Connectra’s rugged, efficient, easy to maintain hand pump; and the ball bearing facer is powered by a durable electric motor. A three-clamp top unit removes for in-the-ditch butt fusion. Other features include a pressure gauge for cylinder pressure; ported for DataConnect or other competitive data recorders; front and rear pipe lifters; manual hydraulic pump with pressure gauge for control of fusion pressures; and a limited three-year warranty. Choose from a complete range of accessories for the 28HP (reducing and mitered inserts (available in IPS, DIPS and metric) stub end holder and pipe stands). 800-654-3872,

Ritmo America
The ELEKTRA line of electro fusion machines, made in Italy, is suitable for low voltage welding (8-48 Volts). Elektra LIGHT welds couplings from ½-inch IPS to 4- and 5-inch IPS. Elektra 400 is capable of welding from ½-inch IPS to 16-inch IPS. The strongest model, the Elektra 800, is capable of welding couplings up to 32-inch IPS. All machines are supplied with an optical pen (for bar-code reading), which allows an automatic recognition of the welding parameters (scanner bar code is optional for the 400 and 800 models); internal memory to store the fusion cycles; and USB port and specific software in order to access all the data by PC. 863.679.8655,

Footage Tools

Footage Tools’ precision saddle fusion system is ideal for 1-1/4 inch to 4-inch polyethylene natural gas mains. The patented self-leveling plate distributes application force evenly and ensures perfect alignment. It features high strength CNC machined components. A complete fusion system consisting of S.A.T. saddle fusing machine, pipe clamps, heating irons, heater faces and fitting holders for heat fusion of service punch tees, saddles and high volume fittings to PE natural gas mains is standard. Common upper pressure applier fits all sizes of pipe clamps. 888.737.3668,

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