The RIDGID KJ-3100 water jetter offers professional power and performance to clear blockages in 2- to 10-inch diameter drains with a full 3,000-psi working pressure, and a 5 1/2 gallons-per-minute flow.

Powered by a 16-hp gasoline engine, the KJ-3100 water jetter allows the user to reach the most remote or restricted-access drains easily. The modular RIDGID KJ-3100 is mounted on a heavy-duty, two-wheeled cart that easily fits through standard sized doors and negotiates tight turns. The design also features easy accessibility to the gas tank allowing the user to refuel without removing the reel. The jetter hose is 200-feet in length with a 3/8-inch inner diameter. The detachable hose reel also permits easy access to hard-to-reach drains and indoor drains. The KJ-3100 comes with a propulsion nozzle that helps to carry the hose quickly through pipes to obstructions, and a penetrating nozzle to cut through ice and sludge. 800.474.3443, www.ridgid.com

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