Equipment Spotlight: Reduced/Zero Tail Swing Excavators

Reduced tail swing excavators from Kubota, Hitachi, Ditch Witch, Volvo, Case, John Deere Construction & Forestry, Caterpillar, New Holland Construction, Bobcat, Komatsu America and Kobelco.

The Kubota U55 (replaces the KX161-3 model) five-ton tight tail swing compact excavator is equipped with a medium-length arm and enhanced arm crowd force, a wide doorway and plenty of operator space. Built with a 47.6 gross hp direct-injection Kubota diesel engine, the U55 provides plenty of power for any compact excavator job. The U55 has a tail swing overhang of only 2.5 inches. A new, load-sensing hydraulic system employs a combination of closed- and open-center controls to ensure strong digging forces and minimize “slow down” during travel when using attachments. Auto-downshift travel motors smooth transitions through turns, and the optional hydraulic angle blade improves backfilling efficiency. Float is standard equipment on all blades and combines with high traction force to speed the operator on to the next job. Two auxiliary hydraulics ports are also now available, expanding attachment versatility. 888.458.2682, x 900,


The Zaxis 225USLC-3 ultra-short is the largest of the reduced tail-swing excavators that Hitachi sells in North America. It has a high-performance, fuel-efficient, four-cylinder Tier-3-certified Isuzu engine. E, P, and H/P engine modes can be selected to suit job needs. Engine performance and hydraulic flow are perfectly balanced for fast, smooth, and precise operations. The cab comes with a wider seatback, more legroom, and lots of glass on the right-hand side for improved visibility. It is prepped for auxiliary hydraulics. The multilingual color LCD monitor provides maintenance, attachment and operational information. 800.675.8459,

Ditch Witch

With the versatile and agile XT855 excavator-tool carrier, you can dig around corners, offset dig along fences and buildings, and deposit spoils anywhere within its unbeatable 260-degree swing arc. Turn it around and it’s ready to trench, lift, break, move or restore just about anything on your jobsite with any of its 70 quick-attach compact utility attachments. And at just 50 inches wide, it’s a machine you can take virtually anywhere and still expect big-time production. Choose from turf-friendly or aggressive tracks, depending on jobsite conditions. Optional extension legs provide additional leveling support in difficult digging conditions, improving productivity. With a turbocharged, 30-hp engine and 18 hp to the attachment, the XT855 has the power to get the job done and get on to the next. 800.654.6481,

The Volvo ECR145C short swing excavator has a heavy counterweight and stable center of gravity. This model offers greater lifting capability, swing torque, weight distribution and tractive effort. The rounded cab shape is roomy and comfortable for the operator, yet designed to compactly stay inside the counterweight swing radius. A powerful Volvo Tier 3/Stage IIIA engine offers high performance, durability and industry-leading fuel efficiency. Large service openings and simplified ground level serviceability for more uptime. 828.650.2000,

The CX B Series compact excavators from Case offer zero tail swing and a center-swing boom for maximum productivity in even the tightest working spaces. The Case CX17B, CX27B, CX31B, CX36B and CX50B can reach job sites and work in confined spaces where other machines cannot tread. Yet they possess large excavator features, such as an undercarriage with heavy-duty travel motors that provide excellent speed and traction, and heavy plate guards that prevent damage to the hydraulic motor piping. CX B Series compact excavators also are equipped with a hydraulically controlled backfill blade for stability and light dozing work. 262.636.6011,

John Deere Construction & Forestry
The 60D and mid-sized 85D feature reduced tail-swing designs that allow them to rotate freely within a small radius and get closer to objects on congested jobsites. The 85D’s swing boom allows it to dig parallel to walls and foundations. With increased swing torque and drawbar pull, the 85D produces like a larger machine. A comfortable cab features an advanced LCD monitor for following key machine functions. The 60D provides the strength of a larger excavator in a smaller package. This compact checks in at a height of 8 feet, 5 inches and with a width of 6 feet, 7 inches. The tail swing overhang is only 12 inches when rotated 90 degrees. A long arm/heavy counterweight option adds 573 pounds of counterweight and 12 inches more dig depth and reach. Steel tracks and rubber pads are optional. The 60D’s engine is interim Tier 4 with 40.5 hp at 2,000 rpm. 800.503.3373,

The 308D CR SB Mini Hydraulic Excavator delivers superior performance and comfort while reducing your operating costs. The spacious cab provides a comfortable work area. Intuitive seat-mounted controls are easy to use for greater job accuracy and efficiency. The compact radius design allows jobsite work where other machines cannot operate, significantly impacting your bottom line. This swing boom version increases machine and customer versatility by allowing the operator to dig box sections without repositioning the machine. The swing boom also allows you to accurately and safely dig along obstacles like fences, walls and buildings.

New Holland Construction
The E18B zero tail swing, compact excavator delivers more digging performance and an adjustable track gauge for easy maneuverability in tight spaces. A “Smart Hydraulic System” provides three pumps that ensure maximum power and smoothness for simultaneous lifting, swinging and travel operations. With the New Holland E18B you can expect fast cycle times, high productivity and low fuel consumption. Key E18B features: 58.1 cubic inch Mitsubishi diesel engine, 3-Post Canopy ROPS/FOPS, foldable dozer blade matches width of undercarriage in extended or retracted positions. 262.636.6011,


With a tail swing of less than an inch, the new Bobcat E50 compact excavator can work in confined areas. An operating weight of 10,677 pounds and an overall width of 77.2 inches make it easy to transport, while a bucket breakout force of 9,442 pounds provides power for tough conditions. Redesigned hydraulics with a load-sensing pump and closed center-valve system provide improved, refined control of machine travel and work-group operation. Cushioned work-group cylinders offer smooth end-of-stroke for precise control. The E50 comes with an Auto-Idle feature, which if activated by the operator, automatically returns the engine to idle if excavator functions are not used for a period of four seconds, saving fuel and reducing jobsite noise. The E50 is available with a long arm option that maximizes dig depth, reach and dump height clearance. 866.823.7898,

Komatsu America
The model PC138USLC-8 short tail swing excavator has a net 92 hp and an operating weight of 31,107 to 32,568 pounds. The engine utilizes an electronic multi-staged fuel injection system and isochronous control that maintains engine speed during heavy loads. The engine is EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations ready. The PC138USLC-8 provides excellent lifting power and stability, while reducing the tail-swing radius by 27 percent. The single pump double-flow system and pump flow merge divide valve improves swing acceleration and steering performance. The 7-inch monitor enables accurate smooth work and displays data in 12 languages for global support. The multi-function color monitor has a Power Mode, Economy Mode, Lifting Mode, Breaker Operation and Attachment Mode. This excavator offers fingertip command of two different breaker and attachment flow selections, providing four flow settings that can be easily adjusted to match the demand of the attachment on hand.

Kobelco Short Radius ACERA excavators use the new Integrated Noise Dust Reduction system. INDR works with incoming and outgoing air to attain low noise levels, superior system cooling efficiency and maximum particulate filtration. INDR makes the Short Radius models the ultimate choice for urban construction sites where tight areas require high performance, low noise and low engine emissions. An integrated counter weight design blends into the overall upper-body structure. The Short Radius models include the 140SR, 215SR and 235SR with operating weights from 32040 to 56,865 and maximum dig depths of 19 feet 7 inches to 21 feet 8 inches. 888.562.5201,

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