Equipment Spotlight: PaddingSpoils Handling

Padding and spoils handling equipment from Felco Industries, ALLU Group, Ozzie’s Pipeline Padder, CRC-Evans Pipeline/Laurini and Worldwide Machinery.

Felco Industries
Felco Backfill Conveyor allows contractors to backfill open trenches faster, safer and easier. The excavator operator places material in the hopper, and sends it the length of the conveyor into the trench (past the trench box) where the material is accessible for compaction. Felco Backfill Conveyor removes truck requirements from the trenching operation and eliminates spoil stockpiling to maximize digging time. It also helps prevent clean-up costs and potential damage to private property. The conveyors are available with a custom swivel conveyor option that can be attached directly below the end of the main conveyor. The swivel conveyor can be rotated to allow the operator to place the spoils exactly where they are needed. 888.235.4651,

ALLU Group
Allu has introduced its complete D-Series of attachments for screening, crushing, mixing, and stabilizing a range of materials. New models with changeable blades have joined the fine screening models launched last year. The introduction of changeable blades allows the machine’s characteristics to be modified according to the task, such as screening top soil, screening and crushing demolition waste or aerating compost. The D-series range consists of 37 different models covering excavators of 11 to 50 tons and wheeled loaders of 4 to 33 tons. Allu offers three different frame options: basic, strong and heavy duty. Innovations developed for the new series include a stronger frame and a patented fender plate to protect against dust. 800.939.2558,

Ozzie’s Pipeline Padder
The OPP-300 is a one-man operated pipeline padder that handles on all terrain without the need for more equipment. A 3406 turbo charged engine and a Caterpillar undercarriage with 28-inch single grouser pads are standard. The elevator is self-loading to transport material to the shaker. A hydrostatic, operator controlled elevator with a reversible triple chain can make 43 flights per rotation. Interchangeable shaker screens separate rocks and debris in a 48-square-foot area. The hydraulic conveyor folds for easy transport. 480.585.9400,

CRC-Evans Pipeline/Laurini

CRC-Evans and equipment manufacturer Laurini introduces a high volume padder to its line. This self-loading, self-propelled machine is built to easily handle today’s widest pipeline diameters from 36 inches and greater. Working from a comfortable distance that allows optimal visibility, a single operator controls all functions by wireless remote. In addition, the heavy-duty, ultra-stable machine is designed to work at all pipeline traverse angles, uphill or downhill. 281.999.8920,

Worldwide Machinery

The SPD-350 padding machine is designed to perform padding/bedding operations, namely picking up waste material from alongside the ditch, screening it and placing fine selected material on top of the pipe. The SPD-350 has a screening area of 60 square feet and an operating weight of 83,500 pounds. Standard features include a CAT C-10 ATAAC 360 hp engine; hydrostatic closed circuit transmission; large screening area; Hydraulic Pilot Control system on both sides of operator platform for ease of use; and a safe and comfortable shock absorbent operator platform. Optional features include assist loading arm for different soil conditions; video monitor system; winterized arctic cold start package; and remote control. The shaker and conveyor systems are mounted on the same adjustable frame to ensure efficient production on steep terrain and allowing the conveyor belt to remain level. An adjustable cutting edge allows for easy excavation of virgin terrain. 800.383.2666,

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