Deere Designs New G-Series Excavators, 755K Crawler Loader

G-Series Excavators
The direct result of ongoing collaboration between excavator customers and Deere engineers, John Deere has launched three new G-Series Excavators featuring IT4-certified engines, more power and cab improvements to increase visibility.

The new series introduction includes the 250G, 290G and 350G, ranging from 191-hp to 299 net hp. Each product’s IT4-certified engine allows customers to meet the latest local emissions regulations and bid specifications without sacrificing power or performance.

“We’ve increased power and hydraulic flow while also adding the IT4 engine,” said Mark Wall, John Deere’s excavator product marketing manager. “The end result is eight percent more productivity for our customers. They can do more work, faster.”

Customer John Gleim, one of a group of excavator owners that have shared their needs and opinions with Deere for many years, noticed a power gap between excavator models that wasn’t apparent during conventional digging. It was apparent in another application, craning trench boxes.

“If you can’t handle trench boxes easily, you’ll find people cheating,” Gleim said. “They won’t use as big a box as is really needed, and pretty soon safety is compromised. We can’t have that – safety is critical to our day-to-day operations. I talked to Deere about adding more stability and power. They not only listened, they responded,” Gleim explained.

Customers also asked Deere for specific visibility improvements in the G-Series cab, according to Wall. “Based on customer feedback, we redesigned the upper structure to include more glass and more lighting to improve sightlines,” Wall said. “If you can see more around the machine without stretching your neck or leaning out of your seat, you’ll be more comfortable and productive over the course of a shift.”

The new G-Series also retains a number of key features from the previous D-Series, such as the Powerwise III management system that perfectly balances engine and hydraulic performance. Generous hydraulic flow and best in class metering ensure powerful digging force, precise, low-effort control and superb multi-function operation. Deere’s exclusive cooling system cools on demand and has an optional reversing fan to blow out debris. Fast and simple access to the core makes cleaning easy.

A spacious, quiet and well-appointed operator’s station features a full suspension high-back seat that adjusts independently from or together with the control console to accommodate any size operator.

755K Crawler Loader
[inline:John Deere_755k_264x178.jpg]
Yet another collaborative effort is the new 755K crawler loader that features productivity enhancements and a new IT4-certified diesel engine to help contractors to get more work done with less noise and fewer emissions.

According to Dan Drescher, crawler product marketing manager for John Deere Construction & Forestry, “The 755K incorporates several enhancements that not only increase productivity, but respond to individual operator preferences, such as the V-pattern or joystick transmission control option. There’s also a rear ripper design to help turn materials, a viscous-mounted cab for noise suppression, and increased serviceability to make daily maintenance easier.”

Many of the contractors that collaborated with Deere on the 755K design also asked for a crawler loader built in the U.S. “General excavating and earthmoving contractors now have a North American-built crawler loader tailored to their needs that can easily tackle a wide variety of regional terrain conditions,” Drescher said.

The 755K crawler loader has powertrain and track system technology designed for Deere’s new, powerful 850K crawler dozer. Together with an IT4-certified engine, the crawler loader reaches best-in-class performance targets for hydraulic hp, lift capacity, drawbar pull and engine power boost.

“With 190 hp, the 755K also has a higher maximum hinge pin clearance than the competition, more dump clearance and more static tipping load capacity,” said Drescher. “The bottom-line result is greater productivity.”

The 755K also features a number of cab improvements to increase operator comfort. The viscous cab mounting reduces noise from vibration while double laminated rear window glass and complete interior sound-dampening treatment significantly reduce noise levels.
Other cab conveniences include a sealed switch module with keyless start, security mode with auto shutdown, and a diagnostic monitor that’s both easy to read and provides machine condition information at a glance.

Among several easy maintenance features on the 755K is Deere’s NeverGrease pins in its loader bucket linkage, which eliminate time-consuming, messy greasing. Service points have also been color-coded for easy identification, fluid sampling valves are now standard, and under the iron, operators will find hinged belly pans and improved access. Deere’s Quad-Cool system also features a tilt-out grille and fan for simplified core cleanout, while separate hydrostatic and hydraulic reservoirs prevent the possibility of oil cross-contamination.

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