Doosan DX190W Wheeled Excavator

The ability to move easily from one jobsite to another makes the Doosan DX190W wheeled excavator ideal for public works departments as well as highway and utility contractors, subdivision and commercial developers and industrial firms with large, spread-out facilities.

Bolt-on design allows a dozer blade or outriggers to be mounted on either end of the machine. The dozer blade can be used for leveling or backfilling material, or stabilizing the machine during digging applications. The blade’s large dozer bottom and parallel design minimize ground pressure. Outriggers can be individually controlled in order to level the machine on slopes.

In addition, the DX190W can be ordered with either a one-piece or two-piece boom. Three different arm sizes are available with the one-piece boom, while two arm sizes are available with the two-piece boom. Available bucket sizes range from 0.5 to 1.22 cubic yards.

The DX190W features fully hydrostatic drive with a three-speed power shift transmission and a top travel speed of 22.4 mph.

The front axle offers wide oscillating and steering angles for transport but can be locked rigid for better digging and lifting performance. The rear axle is rigid. The transmission is mounted directly to the rear axle for protection from obstacles and optimum ground clearance.

Power is provided by a turbocharged, 163-hp Tier 3 compliant Doosan diesel engine. The 6-cylinder engine features a “common rail” high-pressure fuel injection system and four valves per cylinder for improved combustion efficiency and reduced particulate matter.

An electronic power optimizing system (EPOS), connected to the engine’s electronic control via a data transfer link, harmonizes the operation of the engine and the hydraulic system, further minimizing fuel consumption.

A new advanced disc brake system works directly on the hub instead of the drive shaft to avoid planetary gear backlash. This eliminates the rocking effect associated with working free on wheels. A new travel motor and transmission control in the driveline provide comfortable travel thanks to increased smoothness, improved hydraulic retarding, and gear shifting.

The wide side access doors make cleaning radiators and coolers quick and easy, while a large-capacity engine air pre-cleaner removes more than 99 percent of airborne particles and extends filter cartridge service life. Arm grease inlets are grouped for easy access.

A PC monitoring function enables connection to the EPOS, allowing various parameters to be checked during maintenance, such as pump pressures and engine rotation speed. These can be stored and printed for subsequent analysis.

Operating weight on the DX190W is 41,998 pounds. Weight is with a 1.05-cubic-yard bucket. Bucket breakout force is 31,305 pounds while arm breakout force is 21,816 pounds.

Maximum digging reach is 30 feet 2 inches at ground level with the one-piece boom and 8-foot-6-inch arm, and 30 feet 3 inches with the two-piece boom and 7-foot-7-inch arm. Maximum digging depths are 19 feet 7 inches and 18 feet 4 inches, respectively. Dump heights are 21 feet 10 inches and 24 feet 4 inches, respectively.

Doosan is now offering new financing and leasing options through Doosan Global Finance.

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