GasTracker Accurately Locates Plastic Gas Pipes

New to the United States, the GasTracker is already a proven technology in Europe.

Developed by the French company, MADE, in close collaboration with Gaz de France, GasTracker is ideal for gas companies required to accurately locate buried plastic gas pipes.

Easy to use and reliable, the GasTracker uses a transmitter, which sends an acoustic wave through the gas. The resonator tank can be connected almost anywhere on the network, generally to a service line, or at a customer meter. A membrane, inside the resonator tank, moves at a special frequency in order to vibrate the gas. Each particle of gas will activate the next one; sending an instant signal to the network.

Then, using a receiver, the gas operator is easily able to locate and trace the plastic pipe. Two modes are available: Pre-locate is a quick mode that will help the operator to quickly locate the area where the gas line is; and Pinpoint mode is the most accurate way to find the pipe. The results are displayed in percentages. The higher the percentage, the closer the operator is.

M.J Friedl & Associates distributes the instrument in both the U.S. and Canada. 410.604.1079,

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