9,000 Attend Volvo Days

Volvo Days, which is Volvo Construction Equipment’s most spectacular and popular promotional event, is back this year with a nearly four-week-long program dedicated to demonstrating new products and strengthening relationships with customers and dealers.

The event ran from late May through to June 18 and provided customers with a complete package of events, including a demonstration showcasing many of the 90 Volvo Construction Equipment machines available at the customer center in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Customers also had a chance to test drive the equipment and visit several factories, such as the wheel loader plant in Arvika or the articulated hauler plant in Braås. Other activities included sightseeing in Stockholm and dinner at the Bollinder-Munktell Museum, which chronicles Volvo Construction Equipment’s history beginning in Eskilstuna in 1832.

“You can talk about Volvo and its heritage, but it’s not the same thing as bringing customers here to Eskilstuna and letting them see it with their own eyes,” explains Carl Gindahl, the company’s customer center and events manager. “We’ve been here for 180 years, and we’ll be here a few more yet. That gives customers a safe feeling: they think, ‘I can invest with Volvo; they will be with me.’ It gives them true confidence in the company and in our customer support.”

Volvo Days kicked off on May 24 with a keynote address from recently appointed CEO Pat Olney. In his first speech to the global press, Olney stated that the company is well positioned to benefit from buoyant markets, thanks to a massive product renewal program and significant investments in its industrial structure. Along with outlining an investment program that runs into hundreds of millions of dollars, Olney also highlighted more than 50 innovative new products that are being introduced in 2011.

“In addition to developing fuel efficient products, we will continue to capitalize on our strong position in Europe and North America, while at the same time expanding our industrial footprint in the BRIC markets,” Olney said.

About 9,000 customers, dealers and other visitors passed through the customer center during Volvo Days. The event has run regularly since 1958.

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