JRB Pipe Forks

JRB Double Top Clamp Pipe Forks by Paladin Construction Group replace buckets to safely transport large loads of pipe, lumber and other long construction-related materials.

The double-hinge top clamp unfolds to hold more material, creating larger payloads and more stability. Drop-forged, fixed tines provide increased sturdiness and reduce material movement while it is being transported over uneven terrain. The rugged carriage design offers maximum durability and increased wear life.

Built to work on 120 hp to 300 hp wheel loaders, JRB Double Top Clamp Pipe Forks are designed with carriage widths ranging from 96 inches to 120 inches. Tine lengths range from 60 inches to 72 inches and are available in widths of 2 x 6 inches, 3 x 6 inches and 3 x 8 inches. Custom carriage widths and tine lengths are available to match job requirements.

JRB Double Top Clamp Pipe Forks are available as a pin-on attachment or compatible with JRB’s and other industry quick coupler systems that can maximize the utilization of your wheel loader and reduce the time it takes to switch out attachments.

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