Spotlight: Gas & Water Leak Detection

Products from Heath Consultants, EZ-Drill, Aries Industries, Moffatt Enterprises, Fluid Conservation Systems, ADS, Crowcon, Vivax-Metrotech and SubSurface Instruments.

Heath Consultants

The Heath AQUA-SCOPE water leak detector is an instrument which amplifies the frequencies (sound waves) generated by a water leak. Operators find that the AQUA-SCOPE allows maximum freedom of movement and superior sensitivity of the audio and visual signals, thereby improving on the detection and pinpointing of leaks from the surface. The AQUA-SCOPE allows an operator to choose between the ground and direct contact microphones to detect sonic frequencies. Electronic circuitry within the water detector amplifies the sound of the water leak and the operator interprets the differences in signal strength to localize the leak for fast pinpointing. 800-HEATH-US,


E-Z Drill offers a vertical drill tailored to gas utility companies. The Model 20 UTL saves valuable time and money by allowing companies to pinpoint the site of a gas leak without tearing out a significant stretch of roadway. Using the Model 20 UTL, utility companies can drill through the road surface in periodic intervals to check for gas, narrowing the potential leak area to a stretch between holes that would need to be removed for repair work, rather than destroying a much longer length of road. The standard 18-inch drill depth can be modified based on needs, with depths customized to several feet deep. Drill bit diameter ranges from 5/8 inch to 2 1/2 inches. A minimum of 100 cfm compressed air is required for operating the drill. Quick coupler air fittings make short work of repairs, and a quick-release bit guide saves time. Designed for ultimate maneuverability, the Model 20 UTL weighs just 207 pounds and is supported by a 29-inch wheelbase. The ergonomic design helps reduce many back injuries associated with hand drilling.

Aries Industries

GasCam can assist maintenance personnel by accurately locating blockages, water infiltration, cracked or broken mains, undocumented valves and service taps, and unauthorized service taps. It can also be used to inspect tanks or other confined space vessels, without risk to personnel. Certified intrinsically safe to stringent Class I, Division I, Group D standards, GasCam, can perform live inspections in 2- to 12-inch mains operating at up to 60 psig and at distances up to 480 feet from a single entry point. Entry can be either with a slight interruption of gas or no-blow using the Aries’ NB-60 Launching System. 800.234.7205,

Fluid Conservation Systems
Deployed throughout a utility’s distribution system, Permalog + units attach magnetically to valves and use advanced algorithms to discern the acoustic signature of leaks from background noise. The units ‘wake up’ and listen during the night when ambient noise is at its lowest. If leak noise is detected, the unit reports this information via a two-way radio link, along with the approximate location of the leak, to a mobile unit that can then send a crew to pinpoint and repair the leak. 800.531.5465,

Moffatt Enterprises

Find a leak in less than 30 seconds before it is buried, without pressure by testing each pipe joint as it is laid. An ultrasonic transmitter is used in coordination with an ultrasonic detector to find the leak. The detector converts inaudible ultrasonic signals into audible tones and amplifies them for ease of detection. By placing the transmitter on the inside of a pipe or test item, the signal will seek out and penetrate any hole in the pipe or joint. 541.548.1144


The Hykron Leak Listening System detects acoustic leak noise as it travels through water and the pipe wall – it can be detected by listening at valves, hydrants or any available fitting on the pipe. Leak noise is detected in the pipe wall via a highly sensitive, built-in electronic sensor. Listening is conducted using the headphones with an extension rod and magnetic attachment. This entry-level system provides state-of-the-art electronics for improved signal to noise ratio. The Hykron’s low cost, sensitive acoustics, easy operation, durable construction and alkaline battery with easy field replacement make it an ideal tool for a water crew’s standard tool chest. It comes packaged in a convenient carry case with: handheld electronic sensor; amplifier with belt attachment; extension rods; magnet attachment; and high quality headphones. 800.633.7246,

Crowcon Detection Instruments

Crowcon’s new portable Gas-Pro is designed with confined space workers and fleet managers in mind. Offering detection of up to five gases in a compact and rugged solution, Gas-Pro has an easy to read top mount display combining ease of use with user-focused features. The optional internal pump, activated with the flow plate, takes the pain out of pre-entry testing and allows Gas-Pro to be worn in either pumped or diffusion modes. 800.527.6926,


The HL6000X quickly locates water leaks on any pipe material. Highly sensitive piezo microphones and radio transmitters guarantee fast and accurate analysis. With the sensors attached to the pipe, valve or hydrants, any leak sound is amplified and transmitted to the correlator main controller. The HL6000X compares both signals (correlation) and calculates the distance to the leak. Features include automatic and manual calculations for faster, more accurate locates under all conditions; radio power for maximum range; headphone connection at transmitter; graphic and numeric display for fast pre-location; large, high-contrast VGA display with optimal visibility in any light condition; and internal 10 trace memory and PC software for hardcopy and archiving. 800.638.7682,

SubSurface Instruments

SubSurface offers a professional water leak detector with a standard cable. A large meter display (with backlight) of sound loudness, allows the user to pinpoint the exact leak location. The unit includes a lightweight amplifier (31 ounces) with a padded carrying case and a strap. The locator has six selectable filters, split into three “low side” filters (100Hz, 200Hz or 400Hz) and three “high side” filters (600Hz, 800Hz or 1200Hz). A “Limitter” switch which cuts off all loud noises greater than 110dB. A “Filter-Thru” switch turns off all of the amp’s filters, allowing the user to hear all sounds from 50Hz to 15,000 Hz. High-sensitivity ground microphone and low “electronic noise” amplifier combine to offer quality sounds for leak detection. Three accessories for attachment to the sensor are included: a ground plate for pinpointing on streets/slabs; a magnet base for surveying hydrants/valves; and a contact rod for surveying at meters/fittings. 920.347.1788,

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