McElroy Introduces the MegaMc PolyHorse

McElroy, the pipe fusion experts, recently introduced the MegaMc PolyHorse.

The device is a pipe-handling system designed to boost productivity on 20-inch to 48-inch IPS diameter polyethylene pipe jobsites.

The MegaMc PolyHorse consists of a series of pipe racks and powered pipe stands that hold enough pipe lengths for a day’s worth of work. With the pipe stored in a single location and ready for use, the MegaMc PolyHorse allows heavy machinery to work other places on-site. A single operator can maneuver pipe onto the pipe stands and into the pipe fusion machine with the use of a remote control.

“Five years ago, we introduced the PolyHorse for use on smaller diameter jobsites,” said Chip McElroy, presi¬dent and chief executive officer of McElroy. “After the success of the PolyHorse, it became obvious that contractors wanted the same efficiency boosts and to reduce the risk of injury on larger diameter jobs.”

After setting up the MegaMc PolyHorse, lengths of pipe are loaded onto the pipe racks that are purposefully designed with an incline, which lets gravity feed the pipes to the dispenser. The dispenser, when activated by remote control, gently drops a single length of pipe into a tracked pipe stand and roller pipe stand at the end of the racks. The user then engages the tracked pipe stand and roller pipe stand to move the pipe up to 24 inches laterally and 34 inches vertically. The powered tracks of the tracked pipe stand feed the pipe into the fusion machine.

Instead of dedicating a piece of heavy equipment to hold a length of pipe in place for fusion operations, the MegaMc PolyHorse does all of the work. Most jobsites would use a piece of heavy machinery to hoist a length of pipe from a single contact point. This poses risks to the operators and to the fusion equipment from the uncon¬trolled movement of the pipe.

The MegaMc PolyHorse has a maximum capacity of 70,000 pounds with a maximum pipe length weight of 10,500 pounds. The new device can be paired with any of McElroy’s MegaMc line of fusion machines, as well as the TracStar 500, 630 and 900 fusion machines.

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