Weiler Vortec Pro

Vortec Pro bonded abrasive products are specifically designed for general purpose grinding and cutting applications on steel, iron and other ferrous metals.

All products are resin-bond formulated for aggressive stock removal and fast cutting, and are reinforced with fiberglass webbing for stability. Vortec Pro Type 27 grinding products range from 4- to 7-inch diameter and are available in both ¼-inch thickness for grinding and 1/8-inch thickness for light grinding or cutting.

These wheels are offered in aluminum oxide grain with an option of a 5/8 inch-11 hub and are used on right angle grinders. Type 1 cutting wheels are available from 2- to 7-inch diameter in various grit sizes, thicknesses and aluminum oxide abrasive grain. All of these wheels have a metal ring around the hub for additional strength and stability. Type 1 wheels are used on right angle grinders, electric or air die grinders, tool room grinders and circular saws. Recently, Weiler added 12- and 14-inch cutting wheels in aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grains for general purpose cutting on metal and concrete applications. 800.835.9999, weilercorp.com

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