Innovative Equipment TMX Towable Mini-Excavators

Featuring a quick-on and quick-off hitch system, the new line of TMX Towable Mini-Excavators units can be hooked behind a standard 1/2-ton pick-up, van or light-duty tow vehicle, saving fuel and hassle.

TMX units eliminate tracks by utilizing zero-turn technology common on lawn mowers for convenient access to tight locations and allow work on lawns. Weighing only 2,941 pounds, TMX features an 8-foot digging depth and a 6,600-pound digging force. The unit features a 7-foot 2-inch loading height with a swing radius of 140 degrees, allowing easy digging access next to walls and other obstructions. The TMX offers a 72-inch, 4-way blade system for efficient backfilling and grading after excavation work is complete. The blade features 21 degrees of tilt, making it ideal for precision grading. A fully hydrostatic drive provides ease of operation and ample power at the touch of a finger for both the backhoe and blade. An auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit has the ability to power hundreds of hydraulic tools including jackhammers, pumps and saws. 715.359.3002,

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