For Easier Locates, Radiodetection Offers Single-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator Kit

With single button operation and clear visual and audio guidance, the RD5000WL utility locator and transmitter, particularly suited for use in the modern water industry, is designed around ease of use.

The RD5000WL features two operation modes: Guidance Mode, which directs the operator to the target pipe or cable centerline using proportional directional arrows and differentiated left/right audio tones; and Signal Strength Mode, which displays only the field strength given out by the target pipe or cable. Both locator and transmitter are controlled using a single button.

Locating specific pipes and cables in large underground networks is becoming increasingly complex. With this in mind, Radiodetection has developed ClearTRACK, a powerful digital signal processing engine that automatically rejects other signals from adjacent conductors, leading to more accurate location of a target pipe or cable. This feature helps to ensure that operators using the RD5000WL can confidently trace their target pipe or cable through increasingly congested underground utility networks. The incorporation of Dynamic Overload Protection, which rejects electrical interference, also allows use in electrically noisy areas – for example beneath high voltage cables.

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