New ICON-O-Lite Trench Box System is Versatile, Durable

ICON Equipment offers their ICON-O-Lite modular aluminum trench box system to municipalities and utility contractors and as an alternative to heavy steel trench boxes.

Designed by ICON, this system is ideal for trench shoring, utility and communications installations and repairs and other shallow trench work.

The ICON-O-Lite system is made from high-grade aluminum and comprised of modular panels, corners, vertical rails, spreaders and is the only specially designed steel pullbar in the industry. The ICON-O-Lite system is in compliance with O.S.H.A. and certified by a Registered Professional Engineer to meet the highest quality and utmost strength with an ultra lightweight design.

The lightweight modular nature of the design allows for quick and easy transportation of the system in a ½-ton pickup truck. The system can be assembled quickly in a 2, 3 or 4- sided configuration for various types of projects. A two-man crew can assemble the system by hand for rapid placement in the excavation by a small excavator or backhoe.

The hollow double wall aluminum panels of the system eliminate accumulation of water, dirt and debris. The panels are available in a full range of standard sizes up to 14 feet in length with corner and vertical rails available in 4- and 6-inch heights. The tongue and groove panel design allows for quick and easy assembly as well as a secure fit keeping the panels in place. 800.836.5011,

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