TT Technologies Unveils Latest Unit In Pipe Bursting Product Line

TT Technologies will introduce a new pipe bursting model at the 2012 UCT Show (Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exposition) Jan. 24-26 in San Antonio, TX.

The new Grundoburst 1900G is a 200-ton class static pipe bursting unit that becomes the seventh pipe bursting model in the Grundoburst line of equipment, occupying one spot below the largest machine.

TT Technologies President Chris Brahler said the 1900G’s unveiling at the company’s UCT exhibit in San Antonio will be the first appearance of the new model.

“We are very excited about the 1900G and saved its introduction for UCT,” said Brahler. “It offers power, speed and compactness to fill the needs of today’s pipe bursting projects. There are many projects for bursting pipes from 10 to 20 inches in diameter, and this model fits perfectly between our 1250G and 2500G models with more power than the 1250G and is more compact than the 2500G. We’ve combined all we’ve learned about pipe bursting over the years and put it into this machine.”

The 1900G will be available at UCT for sale, lease or rent.

“We have a large inventory available in our rental fleet, and past experience shows renting is a good way to try out new equipment,” said Brahler.

Brahler describes the machine’s design as “strong and simple” with easy-to-service components. Maximum bursting speed, depending on pipe type and size, is 300 feet per hour.

The Grundoburst 1900G rig is 9.25 feet long, 3.77 feet wide, 3.77 feet high and weighs 3.97 U.S. tons. It is equipped with lateral and aft adjustable stabilizers. A set-up pit 1.31 feet deeper than the axis of the pipe is required. Pulling force at 250 bar is 201,204 pounds; thrust force is 427,138 pounds. QuickLock bursting rods are 4.72 inches in diameter and 8.11 feet long.

Roller cutters and expanders are available to burst VCP, PVC, CIP, DIP and steel water, gas and sewer pipes, plus electrical conduits. Expanders and pulling accessories are available for installing HDPE, FPVC, sectional PVC, DIP and VCP pipes.

The hydraulic power unit is powered by an air-cooled diesel engine rated at 74 maximum horsepower at 2,800 rpm. It is 5.38 feet long, 2.75 feet wide, 5.41 feet high, and weighs 2,866 pounds.

Grundoburst static pipe bursting systems are powerful, easily transported and can be set up quickly. QuickLock bursting rods connect quickly and easily and the flexible rod guide on the bursting unit facilitates installation. Controls are easy to understand and use.

Based in Aurora, IL, TT Technologies has been a leading manufacturer of trenchless construction products for more than 45 years, beginning with pneumatic boring tools. Today’s product line is covered by more than 200 worldwide patents and includes pipe pulling, pipe ramming, pipe bursting, sliplining and horizontal directional drilling equipment.

UCT is the underground construction industry’s premier trade event, focusing exclusively on underground construction. It is the only annual industry event that brings together contractors, utility providers, consulting engineers, manufacturers, and service providers in a true business and educational environment.

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