Crawler Tractor and Pipelayers (Sideboom): Equipment Spotlight

Crawler tractors and pipelayer equipment from John Deere, Volvo, Pipeline Machinery Int’l., Liebherr, Case, Midwestern Manufacturing Company and Caterpillar.

John Deere
The John Deere 850K crawler dozer features a new Interim Tier 4 engine, duel-patch hydrostatics and an outside dozer blade. Viscous cab mounts reduce noise to the operator’s ear by 45 percent. The John Deere PowerTech 6.8-L IT4 diesel provides either 187 hp or 205 hp at 1,800 rpm, and provides better low-end performance and quicker recovery when operating in the 1,500-1,800-rpm range. A hydrostatic transmission gives customers infinite speed control, power management, live power turns, counter rotation while staying in gear and dynamic braking. A new outside dozer blade has a three-hole blade pitch with screw-type fine-tune adjustment for infinite settings and sloped cross-members provide lateral strength and superior visibility to the rear of the blade. Its raised position allows back-dragging. 309.765.1859,

Volvo CE

The excavator-based design of the Volvo PL3005D pipelayer allows for 360-degree performance, versatility and transportability over traditional pipelayers with a side boom. To increase productivity, the Volvo PL3005D allows for smooth, precise, and efficient load positioning anywhere around the machine, just like an excavator. These pipelayers also feature a mechanical, upper-structure swing lock for use when working on severe grades. The undercarriage system allows for counter-rotation of the tracks for easy positioning and directional change of the machine. One key benefit of the new Volvo PL3005D is the cost-saving versatility of its design. When not being used for pipe laying, the Volvo PL3005D can be converted into a high-production excavator for standard excavation by swapping the boom in a short period of time. 828.650.2000,

Pipeline Machinery Int’l.

The PL61 Pipelayer provides 40,000 pounds of lift-capacity. The PL61 features a Cat C6.6 ACERT engine, closed-loop hydrostatic drive system, oval-track SystemOne undercarriage and an electronically enhanced operator station. The pipelayer also maintains hydrostatic draw-works, two-speed load line and extendible counterweight. Available with either a canopy or an optional enclosed cab, the PL61 operator station features a pair of seat-mounted, electro-hydraulic joysticks designed for intuitive control of travel and lifting functions. The operator station provides clear lines of sight to all work areas, including the boom and upper block, which are visible through a new roof-mounted skylight. The 18-foot boom is constructed of high-tensile-strength steel, allowing a robust box-section design that is durable, yet lightweight to optimize payload capacity. The hook and cable-controlled boom are raised and lowered by independent hydraulic winches designed for smooth operation and infinite speed adjustment through their working range. Two-speed operation of the load-line winch provides high speeds for overall productivity, but lower speeds for precise positioning.

Liebherr Construction Equipment

Committed to bringing breakthrough products that make a real contribution to the earthmoving industry the PR764 Litronic has been carefully engineered. This crawler dozer delivers maximum pushing power and ripping force in all speed ranges regardless of the surface. It has an operating weight of up to 52.5t and features a new revolutionary drive concept: the D9508 310kW / 422hp Liebherr V8 diesel engine drives the crawler by means of four variable displacement pumps and engines, each in a closed circuit. A redesigned operator’s cab is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and safety. In addition, Liebherr has implemented air conditioning as a standard feature to ensure operator comfort for a full day’s work. Noise levels are reduced even further by the low-revving 1,600-rpm engine and the demand-controlled hydrostatic cooling system. 757.245.5251,


The Case 650L crawler dozer delivers 74 net hp through a proven, four-cylinder, 4.5-liter Case Family IV engine. Operating weights range from 16,250 to 17,550 pounds. Low operating height allows the 650L to work around low overhangs, while its lighter weight is ideal for work in soft soil conditions. The short track means easier turning and maneuverability on the job site. The compact size also makes the crawler dozer easy to transport from job to job. 866-54CASE6,

Midwestern Manufacturing Company
Midwestern Mfg produces the M583C sideboom attachment for the John Deere 1050J model crawler tractor. The M583C/1050J pipelayer has a maximum lift capacity of 140,000 pounds. The John Deere tractor with the Midwestern sideboom attachment has produced a pipelayer that has received high praise for its overall balance, visibility and operator friendly controls. The 1050J model, as well as the Midwestern sideboom pipelayer attachments on the 750J and 850J model tractors, is available through the John Deere Construction Division Dealer network. 918.858.4234,


The D9T is powered by a Cat C18 engine with ACERT Technology, rated at 410 hp with an operating weight of more than 110,000 pounds. A low-effort electronic dozer control handle gives the operator control of all dozer functions with one hand. Operators will enjoy adjustable arm rests, new automatic climate control and the standard Cat Comfort Series Seat now available with optional heat and ventilation. The new Dynamic Inclination Monitor provides readouts of the tractor’s pitch angle and side-to-side slope. In addition, a new operator-presence system locks out the power train and hydraulic system to avoid unintentional machine movement when the operator is entering or leaving the cab, assisted by redesigned steps, handles and guardrails. An optional Automatic Ripper Control simplifies the operator’s job by keeping drawbar load constant and minimizing track slip. In addition, Automated Blade Assist uses blade-pitch presets to simplify positioning, and an optional Autocarry system automatically adjusts blade load during the carry segment.

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