Rain for Rent Road Crossings

Low profile pipeline Road Crossings from Rain for Rent provide an excellent way to safely move water across busy streets, driveways, and highways without disrupting traffic or damaging roadways.

Galvanized to reduce corrosion and maintenance costs, the 12- to 20-foot-long Road Crossings are highly durable and can handle flows up to 14,500 GPM with less than 8 psi pressure loss. Available in 4- to 24-inch pipeline flows, pipeline Road Crossings can handle 3-inch compressible solids and single axle truck weights up to 20,000 pounds. DOT safety reflectors, safety flags, and pressure gauge ports provide increased safety measures. Gently angled ramp plates smooth the transition of driving on or off the Road Crossing. 800.742.7246, rainforrent.com

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