Vermeer R9x12T drilling fluid reclaimer

The R9x12T drilling fluid reclaimer allows Vermeer to broaden the package (drill, reclaimer and tooling) of trenchless equipment offered to pipeline contractors.

The foundation of the R9x12T reclaimer is based on the PowerFlow design with several additional enhancements, including a one-level working deck and space to place a pallet of bentonite near the hopper. The R9x12T features industry components that will allow contractors with access to standardized replacement parts, including MCM electric pumps, pump flanges with standard-size values, no-drill cones and clamps, diaphragm pressure gauges and worldwide John Deere engine support.

Each shaker is equipped with four vibration-isolating airbags that are manually inflatable via the onboard air compressor. Airbags are highly effective in isolating shaker vibration from the rest of the machine. A generator set enclosure helps protect critical components from the elements, while reducing sound levels; and two entry points provide service and operational access.

The R9x12T includes adjustable shaker motion that allows the operator to select varying degrees of linear or elliptical shaker motion. This allows the shaker motion to be adjusted based on drilling conditions to improve recycling performance. The one-level working deck centralizes access to main controls to a single-level work area to reduce movement by crew members. And an adjustable cuttings chute offers a range of potential positions that provide greater flexibility in diverting the cuttings. Two independent hydraulic jacks lift and lower the front of the system to the operation or transport mode, allowing for easy setup and tear-down. 641.628.3141,

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