Holland Pump SuperSilent Prime

Holland Pump’s PT8TPB-1104.44T 8-inch Prime 3 Trash Pump model, ideal for many sewer bypass applications, is a SuperSilent Prime Assisted Suction Pump featuring indefinite dry run capabilities.

The Tier 3 diesel driven pump features a very durable canopy manufactured with 12 gauge steel with noise levels at not more than 67 decibels at 23 feet, lockable doors, eco-friendly fuel and oil drip collection base, SCADA compatible HANS – Holland Automatic Notification System with auto start/stop with floats and various trailer options. With Holland’s Prime 3 automatic 50 cfm self-priming and 20 feet of suction head, the PT8TPB model will pump over 2,200 gpm at 75TDH at 1,800 rpm/54 bhp and 79 percent efficiency. The 8 inch by 8 inch pump size passes 3-inch compressible solids, has 175 foot shutoff head, and at 1,800 rpm has maximum operating range flow of 2,600 gpm at 65 TDH. 888.997.PUMP (7867). hollandpump.com

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