Vacuworx RC Lifting Machines

The Vacuworx RC line of vacuum-lifting machine — RC10, RC12, RC16 and RC20 — operate with specially optimized vacuum pads that can lift and transport all diameters of coated and non-coated pipe.

Lifting capacities range from 22,000-44,000 pounds. Rotary vane pumps powered by single-cylinder diesel engines drive the systems, which are capable of exerting a suction force of about 28.94 Hg and attach easily to multiple carriers, including excavators, cranes, wheel loaders and track loaders.

In addition to pipes coated with tape, tar, FBE, coal and concrete, the versatile RC line can handle steel piling, steel plates, concrete slabs, polished stone, cast iron, glass, marble, landscape rocks and other materials. Only the vacuum pad must be changed to accommodate different pipe diameters or other materials.

Vacuworx machines, which can grip up to 120-feet triple pipe joints, also hold the shape of limber pipes and long joints of flexible plastic pipe.

An electronic ignition, a remote control operating system and a vacuum reservoir beam that doubles as a spreader bar are standard components of Vacuworx RC lifters, which allow contractors to safely maneuver materials with fewer workers, reducing exposure to accidents. Control and alarm systems ensure that if the vacuum falls below a safe working level, audio and visual warnings are activated, and no further lifts are allowed until the vacuum level is built up to reach sufficient working levels. A vacuum storage reservoir allows materials to be held for 15 minutes or more under no power.

Each Vacuworx model is manufactured in accordance with the ANSI/ASME B30.20a-2006 safety standard. 918.591.3008,

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