Industrial Nanotech Nansulate EPX

Nansulate EPX insulation, corrosion prevention, chemical and flame resistant coating insulates pipes, tanks and equipment to reduce energy costs and can stand up to harsh environments.

This two-part epoxy formula is splash resistant to acids, bases and fuels and also reduces heat transfer to lower energy demand. Nansulate EPX is easily applied with a texture sprayer, trowel or stiff brush while equipment is in-service. This textured coating is water-based, low odor and low voc. Insulate surfaces up to 400 degrees F for both metal (with Nansulate High Heat primer) and non-metal surfaces. Hard, durable finish stands up well to humid environments. Lowers energy consumption, reduces surface temperature for worker safety and lowers heat emitted into the environment by hot equipment. Short return on investment, typically 1 year or less, with average reported energy savings of 20 percent. 800.767.3998,

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