Inliner Technologies Expands Network

Inliner Technologies is expanding its presence in Canada through an agreement with Ontario-based Clean Water Works to use the Inliner method of cured-in-place pipe to renew deteriorating municipal and industrial wastewater piping infrastructure.

Clean Water Works is Inliner Technologies’ first Canada-based certified installer. Previously, Inliner’s U.S.-based licensees performed a few limited projects in Canadian border cities.

“We are pleased to welcome Clean Water Works to the Inliner network, which will give us an official presence in Canada,” said Geoff Yothers, director for Inliner Technologies. “We are committed to helping them grow their market and bring the Inliner method of CIPP to new areas.”

Trenchless technologies are used prevalently in large Canadian cities, to minimize disruption to the public. Cured-in-place pipe is an ideal solution for renewing wastewater pipes in Canada due to its suitability for cold-weather installations, according to Yothers.

“Clean Water Works is thrilled to join the Inliner Technologies network and enjoy access to patented equipment and processes developed in Inliner’s R&D program, as well as its competitive materials pricing,” said John Brule, president of Clean Water Works.

Clean Water Works has installed CIPP since the company’s inception in 2005, with executives and senior staff using CIPP with other firms since 1996. CWW became familiar with Inliner Technologies through its relationship with sister company Liner Products, a CIPP tube manufacturer.

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Clean Water Works, (866) 695-0155,

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