New Injection Process Seals Leaking Sewer Pipe Joints

Rehabilitation specialist Janssen Umwelttechnik is offering a new injection process for no-dig rehabilitation of faulty joints in sewer lines from 8 to 24 inches. It is especially suited for sewer lines, where the lateral connections are still completely intact.

The CemConex Process permits the sealing of faulty joints – even in the presence of groundwater ingress and voids behind the joint and around the pipe. The core of this new technology relies on a special cement mortar that is injected through the faulty joint from the inside to the outside of the pipe. Thus voids in the surrounding soil are filled and at the same time the bedding of the pipe is stabilized. The newly developed cement based mortar is made up of two components and is environmentally compatible. The cement based mortar does not shrink and the pipe maintains its design cross-section.

The CemConex Process is comprised of the injection mortar, a special packer and a newly developed control system to process the injection material. The unit where the two components of the mortar are mixed is located in front of the nozzle, which injects the material into and through the faulty joint, where it quickly cures. This mixing unit is cleaned through a separate water hose in the packer, while the two components are prepared separately above ground.

The packer is controlled from a dedicated service vehicle above ground, where CCTV allows the monitoring of the complete operation. All relevant data like injection pressure and the volume of material used are recorded. The packer itself is open, permitting the existing wastewater to flow through unimpeded. +49 (0)2823 / 93 92-00,,

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