Command, Control With Middle Weight Volvo Wheel Loaders

The new L60G, L70G and L90G are the latest wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment in the 13 to 17 ton class. Torque Parallel linkage combines power with precision making them ideal in material handling jobs and where fast work cycles are needed.

All three models boast a new electrically operated sloping engine hood design that improves rear visibility and, when opened, provides wide access to the engine compartment, making servicing and repairs easier.

Higher torque with lower emissions
These machines meet the new requirements of the Tier 4i emissions legislation. The wheel loaders are all fitted with a Volvo 6-liter, 6-cylinder turbocharged V-ACT (Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology) off-highway diesel engine, which features cooled gas recirculation and a particulate filter with active regeneration. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) temporarily holds the particulate matter and then incinerates it, further reducing emissions. This process is conducted without any loss of performance or operation. Producing between 161 and 173 horsepower, these units provide high torque at low engine speeds.

Built to perform together
The L90G wheel loader features 23 percent increase in lifting force and 19 percent improvement in breakout force for smooth operation and full buckets — resulting in faster cycle times and increased productivity.

Load-sensing hydraulics delivers power to hydraulic functions only when needed, eliminating unnecessary oil pumping. Fitted with high capacity axial piston pumps with variable flow, the working hydraulic pressure has been increased from 3,771 to 4,496 psi.

Transmissions feature the Volvo Automatic Power Shift (APS) concept, which ensures the loader always operates in the ideal gear by sensing engine and travel speed, kick-down, engine braking, and other factors. Offering operators a choice of four gear-shifting programs, APS results in more efficient work cycles with lower fuel consumption and wear. Power is delivered to the ground through heavy duty wet brake axles that offer high rimpull. In difficult terrain, operators can select the differential lock in order to transfer 100 percent of the available drive to the wheels, reducing tire slippage and offering maximum traction in soft or slippery conditions. Purpose-built, durable axle housings absorb all loading from the machine, reducing working stresses on the axle shafts for longer life.

The Volvo patented Torque Parallel (TP) linkage combines the benefits of Z-bar and Parallel linkages in one system, delivering good parallel movement and high breakout force, even in the highest lift position. Featuring fewer welds, the TP linkage has a strong and durable design to withstand tough conditions.

Comfortably in control
The Volvo cab fitted to these models is ROPS/FOPS approved — visibility in the spacious new cab is excellent to the rear, to the bucket edge and to the centrally located instrumentation. Operators can breathe easily thanks to efficient air management and filtering systems.

The servo controls are mounted in an adjustable console, and pilot-operated hydraulics enable attachments to be easily controlled with minimal effort and high precision. Also, to encourage operators to work smoothly, the eco accelerator pedal applies an appropriate amount of mechanical back pressure, encouraging operating techniques with low fuel consumption. Fuel use is also reduced, thanks to a load-sensing steering system, which only activates when the steering wheel is turned.

The G-Series comes with advanced electronic monitoring diagnostics that are designed to prolong machine life, enhance uptime and maximize productivity. Contronics monitors functions in real time and alerts the operator if problems occur. MATRIS charts and analyzes data on machine handling and operation. VCADS Pro is a service tool that allows easy trouble shooting. CareTrack, the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system, allows machine location and operating data to be securely viewed via the Internet from anywhere in the world, aiding decisions on maintenance and repairs.

The G-Series comes with a wide range of Volvo attachments to suit the application. Attachment brackets make changing tools fast and easy.

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