PipeLogix Upgrades Pipe Survey Software Suite

The newest Version 6.4.5 of PipeLogix’s suite of pipe survey software tools features the redesign of the Recording and Playback forms in the DVS module. This change enables the user to take a picture during a survey and add it with one click during live recording and from playback of videos.

In addition, audio devices are no longer needed for DVS to work on most computers. A new program option allows the setting of DVS to Autoplay, which automatically opens the video playback when the user stops a recording, allowing for a quick and easy method to ensure that a video has been recorded correctly.

The program’s GIS Module has also been enhanced. Users can now set the width of the highlight in the ArcMap toolbar so pipes are easier to view and locate on maps. In previous versions, selecting to filter and view all surveys from the Toolbar in ArcMap would return a highlight for all surveys, whether they were completed or not. Now there are two choices: All Surveyed and All Surveyed (completed) making sorting and pinpointing the information simple and streamlined. In addition to Personal Geodatabase and Enterprise Geodatabase the program is now also supporting importing and exporting a File Geodatabase.

Other enhancements include display changes for reports, importing of multiple work orders from Cityworks and a new Debris Picture report. This newest report provides the ability to measure the percent of blocked pipe along with visual data (picture capture). 866.299.3150, pipelogix.com

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