RJN Group awarded contracts with two cities

New Castle County, DE, has awarded RJN Group Inc. two collection system project extensions within the White Clay Creek Sewer Basin.

With a working relationship with New Castle County that spans more than 20 years, RJN has specifically been providing services for the White Clay Creek Sewer Basin Rehabilitation Program since 2006. The recently awarded contract extensions for this program are for infiltration/inflow (I/I) source identification and sewer system rehabilitation design.

This is the final I/I source identification project of the rehabilitation program. RJN will perform field investigative services to identify defects in several basins with excessive infiltration and inflow within the White Clay Creek Sewer Basin. Field investigative services will include smoke and dye testing, manhole inspection, night flow isolation and CCTV inspection in an area covering over 420,000 linear feet of sewer and over 2,000 manholes. This large study is the capstone on a series of field study projects that have identified repair priorities to New Castle County for sewer rehabilitation in this large basin, comprised of over 50,000 manholes.

RJN will also be performing rehabilitation design services for several study basins within the White Clay Creek Sewer Basin. The design is based on the findings of four sanitary sewer evaluation study (SSES) reports previously completed by RJN. It is envisioned that RJN will provide three separate design packages to impart details for completion of manhole rehabilitation and trenchless rehabilitation solutions including sewer mainline relining and lateral sewer relining.

The I/I source identification project is an 18 month project that is scheduled to be completed at the end of August 2013. The sewer system rehabilitation design project is a nine month project scheduled for completion at the beginning of December 2012.

RJN also is providing flow monitoring and I/I analysis services for the Baltimore County Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering and Construction. This project will provide data and analysis results with which the county can prioritize areas within the evaluated sanitary sewer collection system based on I/I severity. Data collected will also be used to calibrate hydraulic models identifying capacity limitations within the system.

RJN will perform continuous sanitary sewer flow monitoring and conduct I/I analysis at 130 locations in eight sewer sheds in southeast Baltimore County for a period of 12 months. The collection system flow will be measured as it responds to storm events; ensuring that there is an accurate basis of data to use in performing the I/I analysis and for calibration of hydraulic models to be used for evaluation of long-term capacity and peak flow management.

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