Rock Tools: Equipment Spotlight

Rock tools from Doosan, Vermeer, Melfred Borzall, INROCK, American Augers, Sharewell, Kennametal, Caterpillar, Ditch Witch, Ballantine, Underground Tools Inc., Bor-It Mfg., Kenco and Barbco.

Doosan DXB260H breaker allows operators to match breaker frequency to ground conditions. The Doosan DXB260H hydraulic breaker features two-speed control of breaker frequency for improved efficiency in demanding demolition and rock-breaking applications. Delivering up to 600 blows per minute, the 5,400-pound DXB260H is designed for use with excavators in the 27 to 37 metric-ton weight range, specifically the Doosan DX300LC and DX350LC. Rated in the 8,000 foot-pounds impact energy class, the DXB260H requires a hydraulic flow rate of between 39.5 and 63.5 gallons per minute.

The Armor Drilling System is a single HDD tooling system with multiple drilling options, and the integrated modular design allows the tooling to be adapted to various ground conditions. For soft to medium rock, shale, hard pan and caliched ground conditions up to 10,000 psi, use the Gauntlet bit. Carbide buttons are strategically placed on the bit for optimum cutting, and carbide hard facing helps to enhance wear and performance characteristics. A replaceable three-tooth design delivers a consistent cutting structure for steering corrections and maximum drilling performance. The Armor Drilling System is also available in 2- and 4-battery sonde lengths and is wire line compatible. 888.837.6337,

Melfred Borzall

When you encounter cobbles and rocky conditions and want a successful bore the first time out, the bit you want at the end of your drill stem is the new Iron Fist. The contoured design and carbide cutters make the Iron Fist ideal for cobblestone conditions. Front carbide cutters are positioned to allow the operator to “rock” the bit through rock and cobble. Compact carbide buttons are less likely to hang up on cobbles and are strategically placed to protect the edges of the steer face. The Iron Fist features wrench flats for easy removal, a built in check valve and ¼-inch recessed water holes to prevent clogging. 800.833.1252,


INROCK’s Standard Rock Reamers are fabricated using only “new bit” sealed bearing drill bits sections. Proper tool design, welding techniques, heat treating and hard-facing are critical during the fabrication process to ensure tool strength, cutter integrity and bearing life. Understanding downhole torsional stress and vibration effects on welded components is vital in providing reliable standard rock reamers. 713.690.5600,

American Augers

The Heavy Duty Rock Head (Christmas Tree Head) is a durable cutting head that is ideal for bores through soft rock formations, harp pan, shale, gravel, small boulders and other intrusive ground conditions up to 6,000 psi. The design benefit is that the “vee” shape of the head provides a self-centering action, which helps to maintain ideal line and grade. The cutting head features Tungsten carbide bullet bits that can be used at aggressive drill angles. Available in diameters from 8 to 66 inches, the rock head is designed with a 2 ¼-, 3-, 4- and 5-inch hex. 800.324.4930,

The 5-cutter version of Sharewell’s Jumbo Lo-Torque Hole Opener product – the LTX24x5 – reduces impact loading on the cutters, which increases the product’s working life. It also reduces the torque cycle while reaming, creating a very smooth running hole opener. The body is bi-directional and can be either pull or push reamed. Ideal for pipeline projects, the Jumbo cutters offer large, sealed bearings for extended runs. It is available in Mill Tooth style, IADC type 5 T.C.I. and IADC type 8 T.C.I. A minimum pilot hole of 26 inches can be made using the LTX24x5, and hole sizes ranges are 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches. 713.983.9818,

Kennametal’s line of cutting tools for directional drilling and drilling back reamers offer excellent cost savings, long tool life and outstanding impact strength in the most challenging drilling conditions. Buttons and compacts have rock-style heads made of durable carbide and are engineered for the hard daily punishment of drilling rock and concrete. Protect directional drilling back reamers from wear in abrasive conditions with the solid carbide tips and steel bodies on the welded-on teeth extend back reamer tool life. 800.835.3668,


The Cat G130B Contractors’ Grapple is a heavy-duty, durably constructed tool designed for structural demolition, material handling and utility application, such as sorting and loading rock, scrap and construction debris. The Cat G130B works ideally with a range of models in the Caterpillar medium-hydraulic-excavator lineup. The Cat G130B uses a two-over-three tine configuration that allows the three tines on the slightly curved lower jaw to sink easily into scrap piles, while a pair of tines on the interlocking upper jaw exerts ample hydraulic power to retain material securely on the large working surfaces of the jaws. Abrasion-resistant AR 400 steel, used for tine tips, wear plates and wrappers assures durability in the harshest environments. The flush design, coupled with the precise curvature of the lower jaw, assures that material slides out with no obstruction when the grapple dumps. 309.675.1000,

Ditch Witch
The Talon Bit is a multi-use bit manufactured for HDD applications in a variety of soil conditions, including sandstone, shale and chunk rock. The bit’s thread-on shank provides even greater reliability and durability in tough digging conditions. The Talon Bit features four replaceable carbide-tipped cutting teeth in front of the tool that enable it to operate more smoothly with less drill pipe chatter. The angle of the cutting teeth enables it to more effectively carve into rock. Carbide buttons in the abrasion-resistant, steel-bit body reduce wear when working in tough conditions. 800.654.6481,

Ballantine offers a wide selection of cutting teeth and manufactures cup teeth with embedded tungsten carbide hard facing for nearly all trenchers. Also available are many styles of carbide rock teeth, such as carbide rotary teeth, carbide Terminator teeth and ground breakers. A wide variety of adapters for carbide teeth are also in stock. 763.427.3959,

Underground Tools Inc.
With information regarding the type of rock formation or the PSI of the rock, UTI builds hole openers specifically designed for the type of rock formation or the PSI of the rock. UTI can cut any type of thread connection and incorporate any type of built-in stabilizer option. Hole openers are available from 8-inch OD to 60-inch OD. All UTI products come with exclusive DirtSmart technical service where questions are answered by the industry’s most knowledgeable technical support team. 866.488-DIRT,

Bor-It Mfg.

For solid rock over 8,000 psi, Rollercone Heads are the ideal solution. Made from either carbide tips or button bits, these heads are built to handle your hardest rock bores. Rollercone Heads come standard with a hex adapter and stabilizer ring. Head diameters range from 4 to 72 inches and have a 1 5/8- to 5-inch Hex drive. 800.289.6639,

The Triple Tine Mechanical Grapple uses three points of contact to lift irregular shapes such as rock and field stone. Just hook a strap from the arm of your current machine to the lifting eye of the Triple Tine. Power is supplied by Kenco’s exclusive actuator, which allows the device to grab and release automatically. The actuator is housed inside the tube assembly for durability. The Triple Tine is available in models to handle capacities from 3000 to 12,000 pounds, with custom models also available. Height restrictions may apply. 800.653.6069,

Barbco Cutting Heads deliver a 100 percent cutting pattern, reducing drag and torque to your boring machine, maximizing control of line and grade. The BBC35 Flat Face Rock Head with a drift reducing ring features: replaceable bullet bits; wipers to remove cuttings; a replaceable shank; a changeable shank size; and a heavy duty base plate. 800.448.8934,

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