PLM-Cat 72H Pipelayer Unveiled

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM-Cat) now offers a purpose-built 90,000 pound pipelayer – the 72H.

This Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB-class machine is the result of listening to the industry and filling the need for a mid-range pipelayer that bridges the gap between the lifting capacity of the PL61 (40,000 pounds) and the heavy lifting PL83 and PL87.

With the support of Caterpillar and the engineering expertise of Vanguard Equipment Inc., the 72H was engineered to meet the most exacting emissions requirements in the world. The 72H combines the proven capabilities of the Caterpillar D6T base tractor with the Vanguard expertise in sideboom systems. Vanguard has many years’ experience with pipelayer design (including the design of the Caterpillar 572R and 561M) and the manufacture of hydraulic pipelayer attachments and welding systems for Caterpillar and PLM-Cat.

The 72H Pipelayer features a Cat C9.3 ACERT engine. The power shift transmission and differential steering work in tandem with the engine and a Cat Clean Emissions Module to deliver the performance and efficiency that pipeliners demand, while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB emission standards. The 72H requires ultra, low-sulphur diesel fuel readily available throughout North America and selected European countries. Future models in this weight class will also be available with earlier version engines for operation in countries without access to the required fuel grade. 713.939.0007,

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