Manhole and Pipe Coatings: Equipment Spotlight

Manhole and pipe coating methods from SpectraShield, Raven Lining Systems, Sauereisen, Standard Cement Materials, Sprayroq, The Strong Company and AP/M Permaform.

SpectraShield Liner Systems
Patented SpectraShield Liner is a spray applied, multi-layered, silicone modified polyurea system that is used to rehabilitate and protect wastewater structures such as manholes, wet wells, or wastewater treatment plant facilities. It is a 100 percent solids system eliminating VOC compliance issues. A typical 7-foot deep manhole can be completed in approximately one hour. SpectraShield Liner comes with a 10-year warranty. 904.268.4591,

Raven Lining Systems

Raven Lining Systems is a leader in the wastewater industry, a proven corrosion resistant lining specified by more engineers than any other epoxy lining. Raven 405 is formulated with high strengths, structural and renewal capabilities and may be applied and returned to service quickly. Raven Lining Systems integrates materials, equipment and expertise to offer all the essential components necessary to successfully restore and protect wastewater infrastructures. 918.615.0020,


Sauereisen SewerGard No. 210FS is a fast-setting epoxy material for use in municipal wastewater environments. This lining protects concrete surfaces from chemical attack and physical abuse, while prohibiting water infiltration. It is particularly useful for protection of manhole benches, inverts and other structures subject to very little maintenance downtime. No. 210FS has non-sagging application properties that permit vertical and overhead applications, if necessary. When cured, No. 210FS provides an impermeable, high strength, corrosion-resistant lining. Suitable for application over damp or dry concrete surfaces, No 210FS does not require a primer. 412.963.0303,

Standard Cement Materials
The Manhole Masters Trailer applies ready-to-use Reliner MSP Cement mortar for sewer manholes. It restores structural integrity, stops water infiltration and protects against gas corrosion. Standard Cement Materials service equipment applies microsilica modified Portland cement, 100 percent pure fused calcium aluminate aggregates and cement, high performance mixes with calcium aluminates, and pump grade calcium aluminates. 888.278.1337,

SprayWall is a durable, spray-applied 100 percent VOC-free polyurethane coating that provides both structural enhancement and chemical resistance against all elements that eat away at underground structures. Fast and easy to install, SprayWall’s unique formula completes the cure process in less than 30 seconds for a fast return to service. SprayWall may be applied up to 500 mils (½ inch) thick in a single application. SprayWall is designed for surfaces that are exposed to acids, corrosives and other caustic elements. Some of the structures include manholes and man-entry pipelines. 205.957.0020,

The Strong Company

The Strong-Seal System is a fast, cost effective solution for stopping infiltration, restoring structural integrity and corrosion protection. The Strong Company offers a complete family of Strong-Seal engineered products. They include: MS-2A – Portland cement-based structural lining material; MS-2C – Calcium Aluminate based structural lining material; High Performance Mix – a 100 percent pure fused Calcium Aluminate cement and aggregate structural lining material; Profile Plus – Calcium Aluminate underlayment for epoxy/urethane coating; Strong Plug; Quick Set Repair; Bench Mix; Strong-Seal Ring Sealant; and dependable and high output application equipment. 800.982.8009,

AP/M Permaform

The PERMACAST system is ideal for structural cement liners, coatings, structural polymers, cured-in-place liners, chimney seals, channel liners and more. ConmicShield additive is used for long term, internal corrosion protection of concrete. Since it is added during mixing, it is not a surface treatment that can wear off or delaminate. Now CentriPipe is available for trenchless, structural lining of large diameter culverts and sanitary pipe. 800.662.6465,

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