New Portable Welding System From Miller

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the new Multimatic 200, an all-in-one portable multi-process welding power source capable of performing MIG, Stick and TIG welding processes in one compact design.

The new Auto-Set Elite feature allows operators to quickly and easily set weld parameters based on material type and thickness, as well as fine-tune those parameters to match each specific application. The Multimatic 200 weighs just 29 pounds and connects to common 120- and 230-volt receptacles with the MVP multi-voltage plug.

The Multimatic 200 system has a durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate case that protects the machine from harsh environments and the rigors of daily use. The machine offers positive arc starts and a stable arc with minimal spatter when MIG welding with mixed gases and straight CO2. The system is compatible with a number of accessories including the TIG Contractor Kit and the Spoolmate 100 Series spool gun for MIG welding aluminum.

Auto-Set Elite simplifies setup, operation (subhead)

The new Auto-Set Elite function takes the basic details of the weld and automatically sets the machine to the optimum parameters for that joint. Auto-Set Elite asks the welder to select the following criteria to accurately determine weld parameters:
• Welding process
• Wire/Rod/Tungsten diameter
• Material thickness

It also gives the operator the ability to fine-tune the selected weld parameters to further match the arc to the application.

Another feature of the Multimatic 200 welding system is an advanced LCD interface that prompts the operator to select the proper polarity and gas mix for the process, and uses basic language descriptions — not numerical codes — to display alerts on the machine. For instance, if there is a cable error, the LCD will simply read, “Cable error; remove wire feed housing to clear error.”

Multi-voltage plug allows welders to go anywhere
The MVP plug makes the Multimatic 200 the first multiprocess machine outfitted with tool-less multi-voltage capabilities. It comes with two adaptor plugs (one for 120 volts and one for 230 volts) that easily change over the machine’s main power cord. Changing voltage plugs now takes seconds, and Auto-Line technology automatically adjusts the machine to operate at optimal levels based on incoming power.

The machine comes with a setup and operation DVD, as well as an information/settings chart and quick setup guide. The Multimatic 200 welding system is CSA certified and covered by the Miller True Blue three-year warranty. 800.426.4553,

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