Atlas Copco HB 4100

Atlas Copco’s new addition to its heavy hydraulic breaker line, the HB 4100, provides better performance and higher efficiency than the preceding model and weighs less.

It has a service weight of 9,039 pounds (designed for carriers in the 88,185- to 154,324-pound weight class). Another improvement to the HB 4100 hydraulic breaker is a guide system that makes the breaker more stable and resilient. A new cover plate for the retaining bars offers more protection in the lower part of the breaker. This area receives the most wear and tear, especially on demolition jobs. The HB 4100 also has increased wear protection at the bottom of the case.

Standard features include a VibroSilenced system that protects operators against noise and vibrations; PowerAdapt switches the breaker off in the event of a hydraulic overflow; AutoControl adjusts the blow frequency and blow energy to match the hardness of the material; ContiLube II is an integrated, automatic lubrication system; StartSelect allows the operator to influence the startup and shutdown behavior of the hydraulic breaker; an optional DustProtector protects the lower part of the hydraulic breaker from dust and rock particles. 800.732.6762,

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