RIDGID CrossChek Inspection System

RIDGID introduces the RIDGID CrossChek Inspection System which allows a visual inspection of a bore slot before installing a new utility to help reduce the likelihood of cross bores.

The CrossChek system, capable of inspecting bore slots 1 3/4 to 3 inches in diameter, includes a streamlined stainless steel camera and carrier device designed to be pulled back through freshly cut slots in a variety of underground conditions. It is designed with common thread adapters, making it compatible with most air hoses and thus easily incorporated into the boring process. As the air hose is retrieved through a bore slot, the CrossChek system’s centering guide maintains the slot’s integrity and sheds loose debris.

The attached camera, which faces a reflective cone, transmits a clear image that allows the user to visually inspect the inside of the bore slot. If a cross bore is discovered, the built in sonde, in combination with a locator, leads installers to the location of the issue for diagnosis and repair. Once the problem is fixed, the utility line can then be pulled into place by high-strength puller cables that accompany the device. 800.769.7743, emerson.com

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