Hydratight On-Site Machining

Hydratight has extended its on-site machining catalogue with the launch of several new multi-unit tool ranges available for sale or rental throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada and South America. The expanded powered-tools include flange facing tools, orbital milling machines, portable tapping and drilling, hot-tapping machines, larger-scale mills and gantry mills.

One of the most popular models in the range is the pneumatically-operated, internally-mounted, MM1000i flange facer, capable of refacing flanges from 6-40 inch diameter and featuring quick-set jaws, a powered 360-degree tool post and three-groove-feed gearbox.

Hydratight will offer a wide range of internally- and externally-mounted facing machines covering sizes up to the usual U.S. maximum of 120 inches and beyond, the largest being a 157-inch model. 800.895.3849, hydratight.com

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