Electro Scan ES-38

The ES-38 is designed for scanning laterals from 3 to 8 inches in diameter. Using Electro Scan’s proprietary technology, variations of electricity flowing through the pipe wall, associated with distance measurements, are automatically transmitted to Electro Scan’s Smartphone application to record and display defect locations and their relative size. While electricity does not pass through non-metallic pipe walls, it will pass through any defect that can cause water leaks.

The ES-38 is used for scanning sewer laterals, from a clean out, without the need to access the lateral from the main line. This is achieved by attaching a small probe with a diameter of 2 inches and length of 6 inches to a push rod.

Part of every purchase of an ES-Probe Reel is Electro Scan’s ES-Accessory Pack, including items to facilitate the recommended electrical grounding of the Electro Scan probe and to fill the sewer lateral with water. Electro Scan’s CloudConnect Smartphone application, for either your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone, also is available at no charge. The app stores the electro scan and location information and displays a graph from which defects can be identified. The app can email the scan and generate a printout on a ruggedized field printer. The printer is an optional accessory for the ES-38 and ES-660. 800.975.6149, electroscan.com

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