D2000 Safety Inc. EXC Inspect

To help competent persons perform required inspections, D2000 Safety Inc. has developed an app for iPhones: EXC Inspect. This app, which sells for $9.99, provides an efficient and structured way of recording and sharing the results of excavation inspections.

Users enter basic information about the excavation (depth, spoil pile height, soil types, and protective systems in use). They also specify whether hazardous atmospheres, water hazards, or surface encumbrances are anticipated. If so, the app provides screens to inspect these aspects of the project. The app automatically records the location using GPS coordinates (the user can type in more detail such as a street address). The app also obtains a current weather forecast and provides an estimate of maximum lateral earth pressure.

The competent person completes the inspection and rates each required item as either pass, fail or not applicable. The user can take pictures to document findings and if there’s uncertainty as to what they should be assessing, the application provides an extensive series of help screens with more information. Once the inspection is completed, the results along with attached photos can be archived on the phone or emailed as a .CSV attachment. 800.551.8763, d2000safety.com

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