Southern Diversified Technologies blends services to improve fiber optic completion schedules

Southern Diversified Technologies Inc. (SDT), headquartered in Brookhaven, MS, is a nationally recognized infrastructure services company involved in a wide variety of large scale fiber optic deployments for several national telecommunications carriers.

SDT was recently awarded a major contract to support Contact Networks Inc. dba Inline in development of their project to build a high speed, next generation fiber network awarded under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.

While most of SDT’s diversified package of telecommunications services are generally performed individually, the fast pace and demanding nature of the Inline project is allowing SDT to showcase the Integrated Project Delivery method of Project Management. Many carriers and developers utilize the Sequential Delivery Method of building a network, i.e. a) bidding the design work, b) designing the project, c) applying for permits, d) bidding the construction, e) building the project, etc. involving many disciplines and intermediate steps resulting in an extended completion schedule due to the sequential process.

SDT’s Integrated Delivery Process, also known as Turn-Key, allows one team to collaborate efforts of all disciplines (engineering/planning, construction, real estate/right-of-way/permitting, testing and implementation) through centralized project management team with expertise in all fields. The end result being a high quality network built on an accelerated schedule within budget constraints.

For Inline this was critical to their business objectives. In July and August of 2010, InLine announced a $20 million and $11 million Stimulus Grant Award to build a combined 1,200 mile fiber network project to connect hundreds of schools, hospitals, and first responders in Central, Southern and Delta Counties in Mississippi.

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