Astec Underground DP 2000

The Astec DP 2000 is a high-pressure, high-volume double fluid pumper for fracturing, cleaning and stimulating natural gas or petroleum wells. The unit can use water, frack fluids, or mud mixes in its treatments.

The double fluid pumper utilizes two 1,000-hp quintuplex pumps driven by a pair of Caterpillar C27 turbocharged diesel engines producing 950 hp each — 1,900 hp total. The CAT engines drive the pumps through Allison 8000 series transmissions coupled to Eaton AT1202 Series 2-speed gearboxes.

The pumps can operate in tandem or independently to ensure the ability to pump in the event of component failure or while conducting routine maintenance. The unit is capable of a maximum discharge pressure of 15,000 psi and a maximum flow rate of 19.6 bpm @3734 psi. 865.408.2100,

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