Pipe Bursting Website Updated, Expanded

The International Pipe Bursting Association (IPBA) has announced a major overhaul of their website (www.ipbaonline.org). The site is now more interactive, current and includes valuable information for contractors, owners and engineers.

Included in the new website are detailed process specifications, guidelines and process descriptions, along with technical papers, presentations and relevant articles.

The IPBA, a division of the National Association of Sewer Service Companies, operates as an independent organization to promote, educate, train and expand the utilization of pipe bursting. The IPBA is directed by a diverse group of industry volunteers, all experts in the application of pipe bursting. The organization’s membership includes contractors who specialize in pipe bursting to general contractors, equipment manufacturers, system owners, engineering and design firms and material supply companies. The IPBA’s goal is to advance the technology of pipe bursting through education, training, standards, marketing and governmental support.

For any existing utility infrastructure in need of replacement and rehabilitation, getting involved with the IPBA will allow access to vast amounts of experience and practical information.

IPBA, (410) 486-3500, www.ipbaonline.org

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