LEIDI Now Distributor Of Applied Felts CIPP Liners In China

Leidi Utility Supply Limited, a leading distributor of pipe and cable detection, inspection and maintenance equipment for major Chinese municipal governments and agencies, has partnered with Applied Felts Ltd. to provide the Chinese market with quality felt liners for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP).

The CIPP process involves relining existing pipes with pre-measured felt liners that are saturated with resin, inverted into cleaned, existing underground pipes, and then cured-in-place. These new “pipe within a pipe” applications contact the sides of the existing pipes and result in rehabilitated pipes with reliable, long-term structural integrity.

“With manufacturing plants in North America and Europe,” said Simon Senior, commercial director for Applied Felts, “we are constantly looking for global partners for Applied Felts distribution, but we also keep a keen eye on geographic locations for manufacturing to enable us to better serve a global community. This opened door to China through our distribution agreement with Leidi will provide a new world of opportunities for this market.”

“It is our corporate mission to introduce the latest and best Western technologies that are suited or adaptable to the Chinese market, and to help local agencies stay current with the best technologies available, said C.S. Wu, managing director of Leidi Utility Supply. “With Leidi’s sole distributor agreement with Applied Felts, we shall be able to provide customers with immediate solutions to their underground pipe rehabilitation and repair needs. Specifically, the partnership with Applied Felts and the immediate availability of these quality liners will shorten our customers’ waiting time and will enable them to repair pipes easily, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption to streets, homes or businesses.”

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