Walkover Locator Tracking Systems: Equipment Spotlight

Walkover locator options from Ditch Witch, Radiodetection/SPX Corp. and Digital Control Inc.

Ditch Witch
The Ditch Witch 752 tracker and display are as durable as they are dependable in providing bore-path data. As part of our comprehensive tracking system, the tracker and display’s primary purpose is to detect and communicate the downhole tool’s roll, pitch and depth to the drill rig operator. Designed for the international market, the 750 tracker and display have the same durability and dependability. Trust the 750/752 as the best general-purpose guidance system to look out for your best interests. 800.645.6481, ditchwitch.com

Radiodetection/SPX Corp.

The itrack system provides accurate walkover guidance information for HDD machines. The system comprises an itrack receiver, a DataView unit, one or more DataSondes and Radiodetection’s Borelog software. The itrack DataView uses a row of nine LEDs to provide remote steering information to the machine operator. The large LCD also displays real-time data transmitted from the DataSonde via the itrack Receiver. This provides machine operators with accurate information on tilt angle, roll position, depth, remote left/ right steering and alarm conditions. The DataSonde, when housed in the drill head, emits a locate signal and transmits information about its position and status, including tilt angle, roll position and temperature information. The Borelog software package allows the user to download drilling data stored in the itrack Receiver. 877.247.3797, radiodetection.com

Digital Control Inc.

Ease of use, speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of the new line of DCI locators and most of the challenges faced by contractors today can be answered by one or more from this new line. The F Series includes the new five-frequency F5, the dual frequency F2, and the streamlined SE locators. Characteristic of all three systems are DCI’s patented 3D antenna technology, target-in-the-box locating, and the intuitive icon-driven menus. 800.288.3610, digital-control.com

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