Plastic Pipe Fusion/Fittings: Equipment Spotlight

Plastic pipe fittings from McElroy, IPEX Inc., Footage Tools, Ritmo America and Q-TEK.

The DataLogger 4 offers the ability to record and document the parameters of the pipe fusion process. The latest generation of DataLogger is smaller in size, has a rechargeable internal battery, double the screen resolution of previous DataLoggers, and a pressure sensor with a 0 to 3,000 PSI pressure range. The DataLogger 4 has worldwide appeal, with multilingual support and recognition of many international fusion standards. The FusionGuide feature gives a faster “go/no-go” interpretation of graphs generated by the DataLogger. Trained inspectors can look at the FusionGuide data to determine if a fusion joint was fused with correct pressures and times according to supported standards. 918.831.8611,


Injection molded Blue Brute fittings have a wall thickness 125 percent larger than SDR18 pipe, and custom-made fabricated fittings are wrapped with a tough layer of fiberglass for extra protection. Blue Brute systems are immune to corrosion from aggressive soils and galvanic action. The glass-like finish of PVC reduces friction losses and eliminates the tuberculation common in iron pipes. As a result, pumping costs are reduced and water quality is maintained. A thicker bell results in a more robust fitting. All Blue Brute fittings are shipped with standard gaskets that accept cast-iron-sized PVC pipe. Transition gaskets for IPS-sized pipe are an option for all sizes. For applications where fittings must be buried in soil with hydrocarbon contamination, Nitrile gaskets are available. 800.463.9572,

Footage Tools

The compact Butt Fusion System fuses PE and HDPE pipe up to 6 inches in diameter. Trimming or facing the pipe is simple using the gear drive power-facing tool, which is positioned between the pipe clamps using the guide pins. Guide plugs on the facing tool fit inside the pipe wall and assist in holding the pipe firmly in place during the facing operation. The heating irons set at 500 degrees Fahrenheit are used to heat fuse the pipe. The irons are positioned using the same guide pins located on the pipe clamps. The Butt Fusion machine features a four clamp system that provided added strength when fusing PE pipe sizes ranging from 1 ¼-6 inches in diameter. Machine clamp movement is generated by the operator through a rack and pinion style mechanism that applies consistent pressure with minimum effort. 888.737.3668,

Ritmo America
The RAM 414 is an independent and motorized electro-hydraulic butt fusion machine with fusion capabilities ranging from 4-inch IPS to 14-inch IPS pipe sizes. The machine is designed for in-field fusion of HDPE pipe and fittings and other plastic pipes. Features include an on-board generator; low vibration gas engine; motorized wheels; GPS system; milling cutter with safety micro-switch; SMARTLock inserts. Lateral pipe lift aids in loading and unloading pipe and the machine body and control panel can be easily removed for in-ditch use. 863.679.8655,

Q-TEK’s model 23, 45 and 66 saddle fusion machines are designed for polyethylene pipe ranging from 1¼-inch to 6-inch IPS. Standard 10-inch top frames are used for applying standard tapping tee fittings in tight work areas. High volume 16-inch top frames are used for both standard and high volume fittings. Top frames are easily interchanged. All Q-TEK liners and tapping tee holders are interchangeable on all Q-TEK saddle fusion machines. For trouble-free service, a baked epoxy finish is applied to the frames and all steel parts are plated for protection. 800.258.7899,

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