Five-year plan to replace Pittsburg, KS water lines

In June, a five-year water line replacement project for the city of Pittsburg, KS, was presented to city commissioners by John Bailey, public utilities director. The cost to replace the city’s 100-year old water lines and hydrants is expected to be at least $250,000 annually.

There are several types of pipe the city will remove. They include combinate ductile iron, which is mixed with graphite and is more flexible and elastic than regular iron; standard cast iron; galvanized iron, which is coated in zinc; PVC; and transite, a concrete-like material. They will be replaced with heavy wall-thickness PVC and high density polyethylene pipes.

Bailey said crews will minimize disruption by horizontal directional drilling, so as not to tear up streets, driveways and yards.

Phase one of the project was planned for start-up in August.

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