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Remote inspection equipment from CUES, Radiodetection, Aries Industries, Envirosight, Pearpoint, RapidView, Ratech Electronics, RedZone Robotics and R.S. Technical Services.

The LAMP II uses a self-propelled lateral launcher, transportation platform, and two cameras, one for pan/tilt/optical zoom operations (mainline) and one for lateral launching. The LAMP II is available with a stainless steel push cable or fiberglass push cable. The fiberglass push cable allows for easy deployment, retrieval, and storage and can inspect up to 120 feet into a lateral pipe. The stainless steel cable option can inspect up to 100 feet into a lateral pipe. Color video from the two cameras is displayed in a picture-in-picture format, making the launch of the camera into the lateral quick and simple. A new rear-viewing, color camera is now available for use with the LAMP II lateral launcher in 6-inch mainline and larger configurations. The rear-view camera facilitates the speed and simplification of the lateral launcher retrieval process. An integrated wireless controller is available to operate all launcher, platform, camera and reel operations from the front, rear or within 50 feet line of sight. 800.327.7791,

The GatorCam4 system boasts a weatherproof GatorCam4USB controller, which displays color footage in digital quality on an ultra-bright 8-inch TFT screen. USB flash drive and Compact Flash storage options along with PC connectivity provide flexible data storage and full reporting capabilities. Fully sealed 1- and 2-inch cameras can be mounted on a range of rods: from the ultra-flexible 100-foot Plumbers reel, designed for accessing tight corners, to the 500-foot Specialist reel designed to push for long distances. A range of compatible sondes, skids, brushes and accessories completes the package. Digital rotate, pan and zoom functions let you focus in on problem areas during live or recorded inspections. 877.247.3797,

Aries Industries

The Aries Ultra Mini Pan & Tilt Camera is the newest in the line of Aries versatile Pan & tilt Cameras for the inspection of pipes of 4-inch diameter upwards. The camera head can quickly locate any desired viewing direction without any mechanical stops. The high intensity LED lighting system with shock-resistant, light covers ensures optimal illumination of the field of view. The Ultra Mini Pan & Tilt Camera has a built-in 512Hz Sonde as a standard for locating camera position from above ground. The camera can be operated with all Aries tractors or the self-contained Seeker Push Camera system and the improved LETS Lateral Evaluation Television System. 800.234.7205,

The SuperVision SAT lateral launch system crawls 300 feet down mainlines 6 inches and larger, and then inserts its camera as far as 100 feet into laterals 3.5 inches and larger. The auto-leveling color camera with shadowless illumination pans 360 degrees and tilts 90 degrees to view both sidewall detail and distant targets. SuperVision SAT’s steerable six-wheel drive helps it maneuver to troublesome launch points. Auxiliary lamps and a backward-viewing camera enhance visibility in both directions. An integral sonde transmits at multiple frequencies, facilitating locating the camera from above ground. Force-sensing rollers prevent damage to the push rod, ensuring maintenance-free operation. SuperVision SAT is available as a complete system, or as an add-on package that works with an existing SuperVision system. 973.252.6700,

The new P340 flexiprobe pushrod video inspection system offers USB flash drive connectivity and 1- and 2-inch high-resolution cameras constructed from stainless steel, and capable of withstanding 11 bar of pressure – the equivalent of working 330 feet underwater. A rugged and weatherproofed P340USB flexiprobe controller records high quality digital video or images with a single key press, and displays them on an ultra-bright 8-inch TFT screen. Advanced digital capabilities mean that users can zoom, pan and rotate images during recording and playback to focus in on problem areas. Still pictures can be taken at any time. The P340USB controller automatically organizes jobs by client, site and survey.

PANORAMO SI provides a complete 360-degree view of the manhole after the inspection, similar to normal PANORAMO pipe segment files. It is available as an add-on to your PANORAMO system or in a stand-alone version. The 3D Optoscanner uses two high-resolution digital cameras with distortion-free wide-angle lenses. These optically scan the entire interior of the manhole in a few seconds in one single vertical run. The operator can view the digitally transmitted image data as if it were a live picture. The condition of the manhole is then assessed back in the office or directly on site. 800.656-IBAK,

Ratech Electronics

The Ratech Torpedo Remote Wheeled Camera Transporter is a self-propelled multi conductor camera transporter. Equipped with a built-in 380 line resolution color camera, it is capable of inspecting 4- and 6-inch mainline sewers and water mains from a single entry point. The Torpedo allows single hole entry to reach dead end lines and blockages where winch pulled cameras cannot reach. Manhole-to-manhole inspections are completed in less time by eliminating winch setup. With its powerful 1/8-hp motor, transmission and gearing it will overcome obstacles and make easy work of most lines. The power and controls to operate the transporter are supplied through the existing multi conductor TV cable in the vehicle. Two conductors are required with a minimum of #20 Awg in size. The unit is adaptable to most systems currently on the market. 800.461.9200,

RedZone Robotics

Solo enables better, more timely decision making by providing the most useful small pipe information fast. Solo inspects pipe without an operator present, and the results are coded offline. Solo includes an on-board power, intelligence and storage. The system can make daily inspections 3 to 5 times that of conventional CCTV technologies. No dedicated truck is required. Powered by ICOM3, Solo comes with a 360-degree pan and tilt zoom viewing, deployment of manhole GPS, a PACP/WRc Report and comprehensive operational statistics. 412.476.8980,

R.S. Technical Services
Mainline inspection is made mobile with the new CUBE. This compact, all-inclusive, single conductor mainline inspection system is designed to fit on an ATV or in the bed of a pickup truck. The CUBE operates any R.S. Technical mainline camera and transporter with up to 1,500 feet of Sincon cable, tap cutter controller or laser and sonar profiling system. It features front and rear forklift access, two 500-pound capacity storage drawers and a front access nine-gallon pressurized wash-down system. An optional rack mount or laptop computer with data collection software is available. 800.767.1974,

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